I appeal to the world about Prime Minister Abe 's wrong action.
Did Chernobyl try to host the Olympic?
When was Chernobyl issuing a safety declaration?
Did Chernobyl incinerate contaminated debris throughout the country?
Have you found a company that Chernobyl benefited from camouflaging food?
Did Chernobyl keep running contaminated water in the ocean for six years?
Did Chernobyl actively recommend sightseeing to a place contaminated with nuclear?
Japanese tap water contains various nuclear materials.
We will die for the Tokyo Olympic.This is a record of our fear experience.
                                Kyoko Kanazawa

Planned earthquake

On the day of confusion in Osaka, a suspicious man held a news conference.


In the midst of confusion, Mr. Abe is having enjoy a dinner.



Osaka-Nuclear test in Japan
Yesterday's Osaka earthquake was a nuclear test.
Rationale articles.

jun 15

Report on unfair election
Nigata-ken. Voting list disappears.
Nuclear power plant restart.. A candidate who tells a lie.
Evidence of lie.
https://ameblo.jp/minakatario/entry-12384055395.html my blog


To pretend illness
He is a man who runs away by saying lies.
I saw an interesting tweet. https://twitter.com/x__ok/status/1004396714734714881
My city has installed solar panels by cutting mountains. Nature has been destroyed rapidly.

jun 4

Suspected milk again
Suspicious milk is like Mr. Abe. This time, Hokkaido's milk is processed in Niigata-ken. Also, it is shown that you won a gold medal.
They have not filed a lawsuit against me.Japan is a country full of camouflage.

Mr. Ichiro Ozawa also induces to the general election. The opposition party is cooperating with the constitutional amendment as extra of the LDP.

May 30

Training terrorists

The suspicious university is Nihon-Kaigi 's terrorist education facility. At Nihon University, I was teaching to make a rule violation in American football.
Moral of Japan is broken by Prime Minister Abe with an unfair religion.

 They laugh

May 23

“Fukushima nuclear power plant “
2018.5.10,Cesium 137 flows from the Fukushima nuclear power plant to the sea every day 2 billion Becquerel. Mr. Abe is distributing this sea fish. The food safety in Japan is broken.
Unfortunately, most people do not know the truth. Japanese television only produces programs that appeal as peaceful and excellent country. NHK does not make any commentary on bad law revisions and radiation. We need a courtroom that reveals the truth. Hitler ended destroying Germany. I think that Abe will destroy the world with nuclear weapons.

 Two weeks later. My account was forcibly erased.

“Naoto Kan .Conspiracy”
He writes in the blog that he should election again, even though he knows it is a fraudulent election. Even though he is an opposition party, he will cooperate with the scenario where Abe will win. This means that the opposition also agrees that Japan is going to be militarized. Conspiracy toward referendum.

May 15

“evidence-Beekai milk disappeared.
My twitter froze.
Article when the forest fire of Iwate-ken Kamaishi disappeared on 22th May 2017.
There was also spread of radioactivity in this forest fire, but there is no article to convey danger.
Sudden death of a staff of a television station that is doubtful.
A fact of intimidation to Mr. Maekawa.
In Japan, fear politics continues.

May 2

About Nihon-Kaigi, mr.Maekawa lecture 2018”
On 17th April he told lectre that coping when I lost the war was wrong. They are planning war to retaliate to the United States.
https://www.dailyshincho.jp/article/2018/04250640/?all=1  -All in the lecture

Apr 29

NET right wing
Disturbing acts occurred against my tweets. I have posted this content from before. Why now? They are supporters of Mr. Abe.

Apr 26
"Election again"
Former Prime Minister Naoto Kan's post.

Apr 25

Evidence of intimidation to citizens”
Conspiracy bill was rammed, missiles, This time-chemical weapons sarin. He gave the fear monitored by people repeatedly on TV shows, but no one has been arrested for conspiracy. Opposition politicians also cooperated with terror brainwashing by opposing against conspiracy charges. Behind this,He has changed the law as convenient for him. Mr. Abe will not report facts on seed law, water, radiation damage. Many citizens are deceived with controlled information.I feel sad about a lot of distorted information. Mr. Abe thinks he succeeded in dominating the media by threatening TV station.
Search images- 共謀罪

Apr 17

trap-Politicians opposed to nuclear power plant
Politicians opposed to nuclear reactors are confessed of female scandals. But this may be the trap. The magazine writes articles to help Mr. Abe. Why do Japanese politicians protect dangerous nuclear power plants?

Apr 14

Strong NET regulation
Regulate pirated sites. The real goal of the government will be to crack down the “Accusation site” written about radiation damage. Mr. Abe is always hide, deceive, threaten.

Apr 9
Casino political interest”
From the list of politicians, you can see that politics in Japan are conspiring. Mr.IchiroOzawaMafia-making by politicians. Japanese politicians find that they support Mr. Abe who is managing elections and politics interests.

Today is Shimane-ken, there was a big earthquake.

All of Mr. Abe 's nuclear program neglects the possibility of a major earthquake as in the case of the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Olympic venues are equally dangerous. Why was the plan for the Olympic decided in countries where radioactive contamination is severe?

Namie's reconstruction ranch is also Mr. Abe's alibi making. This will cause many children to cause plutonium poisoning. If nuclear contaminated soil is also reused in the farm, it would not have been necessary to decontaminate the soil.

Apr 7

Again, the decision at the Cabinet meeting
The government intervenes on the working conditions of private companies. Mr. Abe is trying to apply slave manuals by the "Nihon-Kaigi" to the people even though there is a scandal concerning him. This is a proposal to increase death from overwork.
Again, the discussion on damages for Namie citizens was canceled.-TEPCO

Now, Mr. Abe defends excessively against the demonstration protest.
The police have also begun blocking the exit of the subway.

Kawauchi Nuclear Power confessed radiation leaks after one year. Perhaps Genkai nuclear power plant will also announce about radioactive leaks in a year?  In the past year, children deceived in the press are exposed to nuclear materials.

This Tweet about rules on referendum, which was decided in 2014. Mr. Abe plans to forcely involve the people in war. These are similar before the Second World War, but the difference there is no allies in Japan.

Apr 6

“Electric power company association,Energy mix-CM”
I feel this is a creepy CM.- Mind control&Press coverage regulation.

Apr 5

Namie was used for the government's alibi
Mrs.Shiori Ito wrote an article. Namie was used for the government's alibi”
I am against the Fukushima reconstruction for to conceal radioactive.Citizens should not return to Namie, it is necessary for the government to guarantee lifetime to Fukushima citizens.

Articles on cesium were missing for a long time. This is an article of this week.

I saw The Post (film) yesterday.In the United States there was a time when there was no press freedom so as to conceal the defeat battle. Mr. Abe is killing media and Fukushima citizens to conceal Japanese radiation contamination.

Some Olympic venues have the risk of tsunami. Recently, there are many earthquakes in Tokyo.

-tsunami, no evacuation place.

Apr 3

“unfair election again”
Mr. Abe will go to the United States on April 17. And in May he is planning to deceive the people by unfair election again. Perhaps they plan to resume nuclear power plants during this election.
https://news.nifty.com/article/domestic/society/12180-663889/ -news

Apr 2
Soil contamination of Yokosuka thermal power plant
There are no breakwaters at the Yokosuka power station. Near this, there is a MOX nuclear fuel factory. After dismantling the power station in Yokosuka, They plan to make the same power station. However, there would have been air pollution similar to soil contamination like this. Mr. Abe has not asked companies to take measures against earthquake disasters.
And, “Power company” often runs CM on TV, suppressing Criticism news of nuclear power plants. It CM is being carried out by the electricity charge we are paying. Many Japanese people have the illusion that the problem of radiation is over.

Mar 31

Steam accident from nuclear power plant
The Genkai nuclear power plant of MOX fuel broke down in 7 days. However, NHK reports that there is no problem.
https://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/20180331/k10011386421000.html -news

-too old

Electric utility suddenly moved Genkai nuclear power to deceive the people by Mr. Abe's cooperation. There was no consensus of residents. The evacuation method was also not decided. I think this is illegal.
My friend said that the demo in February is strange. The nuclear power plant was planned to resume in the shadow of the Moritomo incident.There is no evacuation direction for residents this time, this is the same as Namie's forest fire.

strengthen regulations on the press”

The government will strengthen regulations on the press. Mr.Abe is always intimidating people in the media.

Mar 29

Moritomo parliament for re-operation of nuclear power plant
Mr. Abe was laughing when Mr. Sakawa's witness summoned the Diet. The purpose of this Diet was to to interfere with the citizens' anti movement gaze for to restarting The Genkai MOX nuclear power plants. He will soon go abroad to travel the world with his wife.All expenses are taxes.
https://ameblo.jp/minakatario/entry-12364198609.html -my blog

Mar 27

Mr. Sugano's twitter froze again
About Moritomo incident.Mr.Sugano's twitter, a journalist who is pursuing this issue on the day of Mr. Sagawa's witness today, froze again. Mr.Abe always hides the problem. It is dangerous for such politicians to manage large quantities of plutonium. 75ton! As he is a key person in fraud elections, politicians agree with War in accordance with Mr. Abe.
It seems that NHK broadcasted the Diet by protest of many citizens.

Mar 25
Mar 25,,Former President Obama came to Japan and had a lunch with Mr. Abe. Is it consultation to hide wrongs?

Mar 23

“Nuclear waste business”
May 2012,Receiving nuclear waste, a structure that is profitable.Perhaps Kamogawa Mega Solar as well. Japan will become dirty like mr.Abe.
http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/6366429/ -news

Mar 22

1703 Genroku earthquake
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1703_Genroku_earthquake -wiki
In the past, the tsunami came twice in the Kanto area. Mr. Abe is trying to make a lot of power plants despite the high possibility that a major earthquake will come again. The tsunami will also affect Odaiba at the Olympic venue.

“Ansei great earthquakes, 1854–1860”
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ansei_great_earthquakes -wiki
At this time, the Miura Peninsula had a large earthquake and tsunami for two consecutive days. 2011,An article that wrote that it will happen again. Probably the new power generation facility in Yokosuka will flood. Again this misuse of electricity liberalization, Mr. Abe doing bad planning. There are also nuclear facilities in Yokosuka.
https://www.news-postseven.com/archives/20110721_26267.html -news

-Electricity liberalization is environmental destruction.

why? Electricity is left over .Chiba-ken, abuse of electricity liberalization. This is for deceiving the citizens for nuclear disposal sites. The reason is that even if a solar panel is placed there in a large scale construction that cuts 100,000 trees, it can not be profitable.
https://ameblo.jp/minakatario/entry-12362236191.html -my blog

Mar 21

 2018, report on polluted soil in Fukushima”
Greenpeace Japan also continues to measure Fukushima soil. Report of this year. They wrote that this test result is not safe.I do not think the agricultural products I made here are also safe.
http://www.greenpeace.org/japan/Global/japan/pdf/RefFksm_JP.pdf -PDF

April 2014, it was announced that four power plants will be built in Fukushima.11415 crazy


Fukushima's Coal power plant,Scheduled coal power plant ,nucler power plant, The government is planning to add air pollution to radiation diffusion despite the fact that electricity is sufficient.

Mar 20

The government misuse electricity liberalization

Yesterday, I heard the lecture of Mr. Rauli Milievita, an air pollution expert at Greenpeace Japan. China is to stop or delay work on 151 planned and under-construction coal plants as Beijing struggles to respond to a flat-lining of demand for coal power. However, Japan plans to expand 40 coal power plants. I learned that government  was misuse electricity liberalization. Japan violates the Paris Agreement.Currently, it is not power shortage, but mr.Abe plan to make state-run nuclear power plants. There is 47 tons of plutonium in Japan.
Do not place an edge-tool in the hands of a madman.
http://sekitan.jp/plant-map/ja -map

Mar 17

“snap elections again”
Mr. Abe plans to conduct fraudulent snap elections to mislead the suspicion of Moritomo. He is wasting public taxes due to the incident involving himself. He is not working for the people as a politician.
 https://ameblo.jp/minakatario/entry-12358821249.html -Evidence image

-may 6,demo .wasting public taxes

Mar 16

Mar 10, 2018 OA,TV program of Fukushima-plaintiff's voice
NHK-ETV. Documentary TV program, It seems that NHK of old times returned.


I uploaded a testimony I was interested in. In 2011, the government had instructed Fukushima farmers to produce rice.However, he planted sunflower in the paddy field. In fact, radioactive substances came from his persimmon-KAKI fruit.In this way, the Japanese government ignores the lessons learned from the Chernobyl nuclear accident and distributes dangerous foods in isrepresent deceive citizens.. Mr. Abe is a dog by TEPCO.

“Japan government uses children for lying”
The Japan government uses children for lying. Case for incineration facilities. Mr. Abe tried to change the world by using a child at Moritomo Gakuen.
https://ameblo.jp/minakatario/entry-12360740548.html -my blog

Mar 15

2013,Dangerous tree planting 
Mr. Abe uses children to lie that the Tokyo Olympic site is safe. That is the same logic as the elementary school the government builds in Fukushima. Children do not know, drinking dangerous milk, and willingly planted trees. By hiding serious pollution, health of many people will worsen.
https://ameblo.jp/minakatario/entry-12360466299.html -my blog

Mar 9

United Nations Recommendation
Japan accepted United Nations Human Resources Committee's Recommendation. Only the fact is that the government making to produce crops containing radioactive material at Fukushima. He misunderstands that he also dominates the world. All his actions are similar to the Olympic venues claiming that there are no problems with serious problems.

Mar 8

Radiation dose at B
I added dose at B to my English blog. Both are influenced by Fukushima. I think more serious results can be obtained by adding more metal measurements. There is also Seabed mudmud on this land that hinders the operation of the ship. This place is very unsanitary and eerie place.

Mar 7

About the contaminated soil processing plant it had changed the name of the facility. It was missing from the map. I think there is a serious nuclear pollution in the landfill.
https://ameblo.jp/minakatario/entry-12358319895.html -my blog
News attached to the my blog.
Fukushima 1
Fukushima 2

Mar 6

“Staff only”
This was not written in the pamphlet of Tokyo-to. Contaminated earth recycling facility.Why Staff only? Why are international sports events planned next to the danger area?
http://www.toshizukuri.or.jp/profile/map/hasseido.html -Hiding
https://blog.goo.ne.jp/wa8823/e/391267fa58413685f461b5c39abd6041 -important
https://blog.goo.ne.jp/photo/123354/sl -photo
http://www.union.tokyo23-seisou.lg.jp.e.de.hp.transer.com/ -Translation machine use

Beach in Odaiba”
In rumor, will the triathlon administer antibiotics before the competition?Unfortunately, tourists do not know that the beach in Odaiba in the summer is in danger. if. Mr. Abe's politics are all savage. The beach in Odaiba is really smelly.

Mar 5

Triathlon Olympic
2014, We were surprised. The seawater of Odaiba, which is the venue for the triathlon, is a place contaminated with serious E. coli, swimming is prohibited. Citizen's voice.


-Odaiba is in summer, but no one touches the seawater. But last year they forcibly opened the triathlon. Due to Mr. Abe 's lie, many people are dying .
About 40% of contaminated soil in Toyosu is buried in the disposal site.The soil of Toyosu which made it harmless has not gone to the sea forest.
The inspection of rice in Fukushima is 5 seconds.

lMar 4

Abe,diplomacy at the height of the chair
Mr,Abe is passionate about showing herself to be dominant. The height of the chair seems to imitate Hitler.

-Search, 安倍 椅子の高さ

Fraud election
This is an image of Musashi I found on the NET.
Okinawa Nago-Fraud election

Mar 3
This is a poison waste which was discarded from Toyosu to the sea forest.
http://www.shijou.metro.tokyo.jp/toyosu/faq/03/ Q&A
Aug,2019, a world boys boat competition will be held here.
https://mainichi.jp/articles/20171004/k00/00m/050/116000c -news

Mar 2

JESCO-PCB waste disposal site
The Tokyo Olympic Games was decided on 7th September 2013.Nov 2011, this landfill eria accepted radioactive waste and disaster waste.
The Ministry of the Environment announces that JESCO will be operational until 2022.
In 2011, pollution of dioxin is severe in the vicinity of JESCO- PCB waste disposal site.
Did JESCO's soil measured by us be contaminated soil in the disaster area? Sound of wind power plant, sound of airplane, sea breeze, humidity, high temperature, air pollution, it will to horses are difficult environment. IOC who acknowledged this is also an abnormal organization.
This dangerous environment is like a reconstruction ranch.
Mr.Abe laughing again
Feb 27,Diet. Mr. Abe laughs in front of the bereaved family on the question about death from overwork. Citizen's voice.

Mar 1
“Contaminated fertilizer”
2013,The government is distributing fertilizer made of nuclear-polluted fish. Mr. Abe enjoys killing people like Hitler. He also suggests a bill to increase death from overwork.
“Consideration on radioactivity damage by Japanese physicians”-Feb 28, 2018.
NEW HIBAKUSHA” - the beginning of “Degradation in Abilities”,physical and mental well-being Shigeru Mita, MD. -english

Feb 28
“Dangerous Olympic stadium”
Temperature and humidity are high in summer in Japan. The audience will also become sick with nuclear materials.
Oct.18 2017, a hazardous waste disposal event. This is also used for the Olympic venue.Exhibition of reusing nuclear-polluted soil
http://www.radiex.jp/e/index.html -english
Tokyo Seaside Recyc Power-TRP=TEPCO
JESCOJapan Government=The officer of the company is Official OB.
Compressed plastic waste caused chemical hypersensitivity.1996 Suginami disease.-Japan.
Olympic-Sea Forest Park. In the ground, with the heat of fermentation of raw garbage and earth pressure, the landfill plastic waste is in a steamed state for 24 hours.The exhaust tower of methane gas is always fire on.
I also started writing for the Japanese.
https://ameblo.jp/minakatario/entry-12356185042.html my blog.

Feb 27

“Water pollution is 1420 times”
2013,Cesium contamination of the Tokyo water source was 1,420 times more. The government does not take measures to pollute nuclear water resources just by hiding it.
https://ameblo.jp/minakatario/entry-12356154754.html -my blog

Water of the metropolitan area contaminated.

Feb 26
Lie about tap water
Difference of water source.
https://ameblo.jp/minakatario/entry-12355858620.html -my blog
https://www.pref.chiba.lg.jp/suidou/keikaku/suigen/documents/suigentizu.pdf -pdf
J alert training
Mar 14, government plan to train J alert even in the town where I live. But the missiles are not flying for 4 months.

Feb 24
“Horse may die of shock -Olympic equestrian art”
I wrote a my blog in english. I want the world's players to care about this. Indeed, the horse may die of shock.
https://ameblo.jp/minakatario/entry-12354484543.html -my blog

Feb 23
Olympics and radioactivity
I confirmed nuclear pollution from Fukushima on the soil near the Olympic venue.It is the point of A on the map. soil-Feb 19 2018.We also handle PCB waste here. I think there is more serious environmental pollution.
http://www.jesconet.co.jp/index.html -Fukushima regeneration

-A ZIP=231Bq 320/190×231=389Bq/Kg

Dangerous parks are still burning methane gas.

Serious air pollution and nuclear pollution, Landfill-Gas Utilization Facility.

Materials of radioactive contamination by Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. Air pollution in Japan.
Namie Forest Fire Contamination Data.
Numerical values published by the government have been tampered with.

Feb 21
Transport of nuclear polluted soil began. This would also be a public project for inducing profits to politicians.

 -The environment will be destroyed by the Ministry of the Environment

Feb 20

“Influential testimony-Namie's forest fires”
Mr.Kazumasa Aoki is Former Plant Engineer.He is currently doing a lot of lecture activities. Nov 9 2017, he is acting about the Namie's forest fires. He told the dangers of Namie's forest fire. Dangerous radioactivity becomes a substance that can not be measured due to a fire.
 “2017 Press history- Namie's forest fires”
May 2 KiiMinpou column. I have question that the government and press ignoring the danger of radiation diffusion.
May 3,Fukushima Minyu That column will be fakeAttachment.
May 8, Regular interview. Governor Fukushima criticizes KiiMinpou against the question of reporters of the Yomiuri Shimbun.
May 8, Sankei Shimbun. The article by KiiMinpou column is a lie.
May 9, KiiMinpou apologizes.
“environmental journalist- Namie's forest fires”
This is Mrs. Setsuko Yamamoto's blog by environmental journalist. There are many posts about Namie's forest fires. The government plans to make Japan a nuclear waste disposal site.
Japan does not take measures against contaminated tap water. Abe is going to do international swimming at the pool stadium of plutonium water? Triathlon plans to use Tokyo Bay with a high nuclear contamination concentration.-Odaiba.

Feb 18
example for fake
2018,Measurement of squid from school meals in Fukushima. An example that will be no problem if he examines at the University of Tokyo.
At school we are feeding milk from Fukushima, the result is a lie.

Feb 17
“NHKnews reports about the demo”
Yesterday 's demo march was a measure against the Moritomo by the LDP. He told me a strange thing about the demo.The person I met on a demonstration yesterday is a member of the Fukushima nuclear power plaintiffs.
https://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/20180216/k10011332011000.html -NHK
https://ameblo.jp/minakatario/entry-12353511013.html -my blog -youtubu

-Government scenario
     kyoko kanazawa↑

Yesterday, woman in Iwate-ken complimented my suspicion milk blog. Everyone is tired of being silent about nuclear contamination of food.
 Serious nuclear pollution
A company that suffered a cyber attack and became impossible to manufacture measuring instruments from last year.
Since last year, the organizer of this radioactivity site has been missing.

Feb 16
2010-2013, rice feeding and death toll in Fukushima.

Feb 15
Fukushima's decent farmer
He refused to continue crop production in Fukushima.
The cesium in the Futaba-Gun region has increased sixfold.

He committed suicide if he can not make crops in Fukushima.
http://www.asahi.com/special/10005/TKY201103280468.html -2011,news
“forced auction”
Mr. Kagoike's house is forced auction. Abe's characteristic, to hide, to deny, say a lie. Nihon-Kaigi will buy this house. Because he have strongly revenged, he will do the same for the United States.
https://news.nifty.com/article/domestic/society/12145-2018021401489/ -Feb 14,news

Feb 14
Secret agent
Since I began writing nuclear issues on my blog, there were comments from LDP Secret agent. They misrepresent the inspection results to the customer and write a comment on the SNS denying the dangers related to nuclear. It's as if it is NHK. Since 311, they harassed many anti-nuclear activists.
https://twitter.com/kodomiraInfo -agent
https://ameblo.jp/sw83a/ -secret agent

Feb 13
“nuclear pollution of tap water”

2017, 2018, tap water in the Kanto area. From the cartridge after exceeding 30,000 L, the result of cesium measurement. Although nuclear pollution of tap water was confirmed, Mr. Abe did not improve water purification facilities. Nuclear pollution of tap water is more serious in Kathushika-kuTokyo-to than in Fukushima-ken.The reason is that the source of tap water is a river.

http://cdcreation.grupo.jp/blog/1887327 -About this inspection

-Water source

Nakano park ignored citizen's appeal request. The citizen is mourning. Every day the government is destroying the environment for the Olympic Games. Japan is a lawless state. However, all TV programs hide such problems and brainwashed peaceful good nations and citizens.

Feb 12
“Doubt! National election”
Strangely, the candidate who pledged to eliminate nuclear power has been defeated. They love environmental destruction.Does TEPCO 's family eat fish? Do not they have children?
No.46,総選挙 Des 2012 -Abe! ,No.47Des 2014
No.23,参議院議員選挙 Jul 2013 , No.24,Jul 2015

I have doubts about the famous ranch. Iwate-ken. But is it better than not hiding the facts?
https://ameblo.jp/minakatario/entry-12352172103.html -blog

Feb 11
“NHK is creepy”

NHK will report the Olympic like this. NHK is creepy.
Meanwhile, NHK is making a TV program that it was good plan that ther resumed agriculture in Iidate-mura. I think it is more dangerous than missil.

Feb 10

“Nuclear power plant near the ranch”

In Iidate-mura, the incinerator of radioactive waste is in operation and radioactivity is spreading. There is Fukushima nuclear power plant near the ranch of Iidate-mura. 2016,The nuclear reactor expert who came to Japan was surprised about it.

“Scandium? from my garden”
Again, I asked Mr. Iwase to measure the garden soil. Is Scandium the impact of Ichihara-shi depleted uranium explosion accident? Sc48=984K, ZIP=16.3Bq 320/143×16.3=36Bq/Kg 

-Feb 6 2018

Feb 9

“The University of Tokyo spreads lies”
Apr 2017,Mr.Tatsuhiko Kodama of the University of Tokyo,  speaks about lies for radiation in front of Minami Soma's citizens.

“Nuclear-polluted beef meat”

In 2012, nuclear-polluted cattle became beef meat. 2018, the cattle in the new regenerated farm will also become beef meat.

Feb 8

“Lies of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission”
Please take a look at our Twitter. Mr. Suzuki said the Radioactivity examination of tap water in Ichihara City of Nuclear Regulatory Commission is considerably less than the inspection result of the manufacturer. In the Katsushika district, it was three times as numerical. So I will put a measuring machine in my house from now.
Cs-All 0.00048Bq/L-  the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Ichihara-shi Chiba-ken
Cs-All 0.0215Bq/L-  Inspection company,Funabashi-chi Chiba-ken
Mr. Iwase will also doubt the radiation test of the University of Tokyo, so I will look into sweet potatoes in Chiba prefecture.

“The intermediate storage facility in Fukushima”
Also The intermediate storage facility in Fukushima plans to flow nuclear material from the river to the sea.

Feb 7
 “2017, mr Abe go to the reconstruction ranch of Fukushima”

About the reconstruction ranch. They prepared state-of-the-art breeding facilities. However, radioactive contamination is harmful to cattle. The purpose is to make the Fukushima nuclear power plant appear to be safe. But keeping a cow with a Namie-mura that is only 14 kilometers from the location of the nuclear explosion.

Government-supported revival ranch.
https://mainichi.jp/articles/20170408/k00/00e/010/295000c -news

Apr 8, 2017, 10:58 am

"Ferris latte"
It is the revival ranch "Ferris latte" in 2015.Tsuchifune Fukushima-chi.
https://www2.panasonic.biz/es/solution/report/archi/vol16/adr16_11_12.pdf#search=%27%E5%BE%A9%E8%88%88%E7%89%A7%E5%A0%B4+%E7%A6%8F%E5%B3%B6%E5%B8%82%27 -pdf

-There are no meadows in this area.

“Use dangerous milk as evidence of safety”

Prior to the nuclear accident, Iidate-mura had raised 3,500 cattle and about 30,000 pigs. However, several ranches including ”Emu ranchHope ranch” did not abandon cows. It is 1,000 cows in total. Hope ranch is 14 km from the nuclear plant.

In 2015, the “Hope ranch” gave 550 tons of nuclear-polluted grass of Miyagi, 70 km away from the nuclear plant, to 328 cows.

However, he shipped and gathered donations. It will be a somewhat problematic person.

 Jan 2016”Reconstruction ranch” are breeding 390 dairy cattle at a farm of approximately 3.4 hectares on Thuchifune Fukushima-chi. .Every day, 3.6 tons

 Jan 11, 2012, the Cabinet Office approved Fukushima's agricultural reconstruction NPO.

This NPO planned "minero farm" Matsukawa - Machi, Fukushima-chi. In August 2012, 45 cows were carried in. Their schedule is 150.

Feb 6
“Mr Kan ,recovered the honor”

Former Prime Minister Naoto Kan recently recovered the honor of the accident at Fukushima nuclear power plant. Mr Abe who was born out of the unfair election is a liar. Abe will shed a fake news and deny personality. I also befor experienced, so,I am silent now.
https://twitter.com/NaotoKan/status/960744220070789120 -NHK again did not report also this .

Feb 5

Suspicious cheese

This is in the same supermarket as Suspicious milk. It is manufactured by ZenRaku, which manages reconstruction ranch.

In 2014, this cheese is being recalled.

Production is Saitama -Ken, but it is on the list of "eat and support".I think this is a blog that Dentsu set up.

Because it is out of the standard, cheap promotion. But I think it is different. I think that this is manufactured with changing size to show off specifications.

Strangely, standard items are out of stock in Amazon.

Nuclear contaminated milk is on the market with cheap milk and cheese.The government forcibly makes crops in Fukushima. They sell these foods as if they deceive. In the future, many citizens will suffer from illness due to the reconstruction ranch. I think this cheese contains radioactive material. This, too, I noticed after eating. 

Yesterday, NHK reported that he was proud of the agriculture of Iidate-mura.
NHK reported that it would not become cancer with radiation.

 Feb 4
Impression operation by himself again
Next to media meeting, mr Abe met an entertainer. he go to the bookstore this time.He moving more for impression operation by oneself eagerly than Argument in the Diet. His purpose is to display favorable books.

 Feb 3
"Milk returned to the store."
Today, suspicious milk was lined up in the supermarket again. I must be feel the possibility of milk at the revival ranch. Government know how to mislead the radioactivity tests if problems arise. They have not complaints against at me.

Apr 2014, Tokyo can not report that there is dangerous nucler  pollution. His information was not made public on TV program.

Feb 2

 “Laugh mr Abe”
Questions of the Diet are rarely reported on TV. He doing an ambiguous answer at the Diet.

Former Prime Minister Naoto Kan also wrote about the transmission line.

TEPCO is planning a coal power plant in Yokosuka. This will further destroy the environment in the Kanto region.
There was access to my blog yesterday 19,428. I was able to convey the dangers of milk to the people. The product disappears in one month, there is no complaint from the company, the pollution of the milk's radioactivity is the fact.

-Iidate-mura Fukushima-40409Bq/Kg

 He is a dairy farmer in Hokkaido,Yesterday, he commented on my blog.
NHK reports Abe as a hero of reconstruction Fukushima!NHK repeats that Fukushima is as safe as everyday. In Minami Soma, we also make rapeseed oil. 2011,Certainly this was planted to absorb radioactive material .The LDP is twitter posting it as being proud of this.
https://www.nhk.or.jp/chiiki/program/180114.html -NHK
http://www.nhk.or.jp/ashita/support/ -NHK
https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&q=%E9%A3%AF%E9%A4%A8%E3%80%80%E8%BE%B2%E5%AE%B6&src=typd LDP twitter

-MinamiSoma is 5831Bq/Kg

“Yushō disease,again”
Nuclear-contaminated food, nuclear-contaminated soil, nuclear-contaminated debris, diffused throughout Japan. They are trying to prevent the cause of death from being specified.There was a case called "Yushō disease- mass poisoning by polychlorinated biphenyls" in Japan. This time is an indiscriminate radiation diffusion plan. Mr. Abe will induce Fukushima citizens with subsidies and make dangerous crops in Fukushima.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yush%C5%8D_disease – english
Mr. Abe is a demon. However, the correspondence of the media that follows the devil is too sad.

Japan is currently Re-development towards the Olympic .However, They are Build many building without tenant's plan.I am worried about the vacant rooms in the new building.
Also, the Nakano-ku park is now covered with more walls.

Feb 1
“Curium 244,Fukushima”

5.2017,Curium 244 was detected from the land soil of Koriyama in Futaba Town. This is not a new release. Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant It seems that it was scattered at the time of the accident
Kanazawa University Professor mr Yamamoto - A black substance increases in the mountain fires of Namie
5,2017, Survey around Fukushima Nuclear Power Station.
https://www.pref.fukushima.lg.jp/uploaded/attachment/245254.pdf -PDF
2011-2017,Result of dust sampling by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
Individual graphic chart,-Namie Fukushima

https://twitter.com/parasite2006/status/878686449880547328 -map

Jan 31,
The government plans to train JAlert in the Diet.
But the missiles are over.
https://www.asahi.com/articles/DA3S13337962.html  -news

TEPCO, new evidence

Jan 30 2018, TEPCO rejected tsunami measures 9 years before the Fukushima accident.
https://dot.asahi.com/aera/2018013000005.html?page=1 -news
“TEPCO's harassment”
A lie about TEPCO's transmission line. It is troublesome like Mr. Abe.
http://blogos.com/article/274734/ - Topic
https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/videonews/ann?a=20180129-00000032-ann-bus_all -news
“Nuclear contaminated soil”
Finally, high concentrations of nuclear contaminated soil are diffused. It only puts 30 cm of soil on it.
https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20180131-00000066-jij-pol -news
“Fake TV program”
Jan 30,NHK suddenly stopped broadcasting the Diet to protect mr Abe. The reason was because Mrs.Shiori Ito watched in the Diet . There was no report on the media news, but it was posted on YouTube.
https://ameblo.jp/minakatario/entry-12348828928.html -my blog ,YouTubu

-Jan 30 PM2:35

-Jan 30,They have a nap.

“TV Tokyo's economic program
6,14,2017,OA. There is an export of milk that I made a problem, but It hide processing in Fukushima. Moreover, 178 yen-Japan  of milk is sold at 720 yen in Taiwan. This was also sold in Osaka. Both this price and production amount have Sense of distrust. Maybe the milk of the reconstruction ranch was also mixed? What is the reason for the public to increase dangerous milk not wanting it? This is an indiscriminate murder plan by the government.

Jan 30
Milk processed items in Fukushima”
The problem was not just school lunch.Calpis' Okayama Plant secretly uses Fukushima's milk. If so, are major manufacturers planning to use Fukushima milk for ice cream? The milk foods that children and young women like.I am terrible about the government planning dangerous milk in Fukushima. Mr. Abe is laughing with a Joked face at the Diet now. NHK, the afternoon 's parliamentary relay program was canceled at the request of the government.The reason is that Mrs. Shiori Itou came to the Diet.

2013, a map which incinerated nuclear contaminated soil.

I wrote a blog about the location of milk production. I am really worried about the children. Yesterday, my blog was 7090 accesses, so I think that the information spread out.
https://ameblo.jp/minakatario/entry-12348582883.html -my blog.

Jan 29
Fukushima milk to the whole country

Fukushima's milk is also sold as "Co-op milk.". It is also distributed for school meals.Mr. Abe is not considering public health. The LDP moves for "ZenNou".He also neglects tap water radioactive substances.


“2013 Health Ministry Radioactivity test map, milk”
About milk,School lunch in Belarus examined strontium 90. Nucler Pollution has been confirmed in 2013, but the Japanese government advertises to drink milk. 2015,Mr. Abe is Fukushima milk of a revival ranch and cheats children and gives danger.

“Morinaga Milk arsenic poisoning incident” again

Dangerous milk produced from Reconstruction ranch of Fukushima will be a bigger problem than the damage of Morinaga Milk arsenic poisoning incident case. It's because it is distributed in hospitals, schools, supermarkets, and so on. Radioactive substances are more harmful to people who are weak. Every time, mr.Abe do camouflage of radioactive material for the Tokyo Olympic, we are very annoying. Mr. Abe wants to kill the Japanese.
This is Akie Abe 's birthplace company.

Jan 28

”Milk has disappeared”
The milk that I suspected of writing on January 9 was missing from the supermarket today. I think that 30,000 people probably read this mik blog . If the truth is known, the Japanese will act. At first it was 4 rows. It soon became one row. Shortly this introduction HP will also disappear. The actual number of contamination of milk seems to be more serious. The University of Tokyo is always cooperating for the government.

Jan 27

Pretending reconstruction
Sep 2015, the ranch for reconstruction was manufactured in Fukushima. Is this the camouflaged milk that I drank? Mr. Abe uses money to falsify it as safe and does not use money for real safety.

Every year, the University of Tokyo receives financial assistance of 3 billion yen from TEPCO. Probably, many students will find employment at TEPCO.

Jan 26

Jan 25,NHK reported "Eating and cheering" at the Davos conference. It's brainwashing.
2013 There is still an additional release of 10 million Becquerels each hour. Air pollution from Fukushima is in a serious situation.- byTEPCO.

“2018,Inspection report nuclear contaminated soil.”

Attached site

Minamisoma Fukushima 2018

Jan 25
“nuclear processing water-Fukushima.”
Jan 13, 2018, local politicians agreed with ocean emissions of nuclear processing water. This will make horrible results for humanity.
http://www.minyu-net.com/news/news/FM20180113-234906.php -news
Jan,23.2018,The government did not monitor their work. Money for expensive decontamination has become baseball and a 4.3 billion yen officer salary.-Fukushima.
https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20180123-00025053-houdouk-soci -news
https://www.houdoukyoku.jp/clips/CONN00382778 -movie
From Fukushima nuclear power plant, 66% more up tritium was scattered last year.
In September 2013, cesium was detected from many children by urinalysis. However, the government is not discussing this.

Jan 24
“The sudden dead people”

2016, Sumo, entertainment world, celebrities, citizen.

“Test of suspicion”
Jan23,The wall of the nuclear power plant which received the political pass of restart easily broke down by the wind.Kariwazaki-Niigata

http://www.niigata-nippo.co.jp/news/national/20180123370026.html# -news
According to Mr. Hirai, Japan kept plutonium for 30 years ago. Mr Abe keeps it as a weapon.

Jan 23
Jan 1 2015,ODA for weapons sales.
Mr. Abe concealed the criminal director for criminal concealment. Linear crime.This is the same as case of ms Shiori Ito.
Jan 22,2018. Professor Nishihara who was opposed to revising the Constitution was killed in accident. I have doubts about this accident.
Jan 21,2018, Mr. Nishibe who had the opposite opinion to Mr. Abe committed suicide. I have doubts about this accident too.
2018,Mrs. Akie Abe Enjoyed shooting in Romania.

-Mr. Kagoike not been released yet

Mr. Ryuichi Sakamoto, a musician, was harassed by the government. He opposed the nuclear power plant.

“Broadcast of the Diet”
Since yesterday the broadcast of the Diet has gone. Terrestrial, BS, CS.Jan 22,Instead, all media covered the Tokyo Dome missile training.

Jan 22,They are also laughing

Jan 22
Election results, Minami Soma”
Jan 21,Election results, mayor of Minami Soma will elect to promote nuclear power. As a result of this, nuclear-polluted foods will be distributed to the domestic market, where it become nuclear waste disposal sites. Probably citizens have not noticed it.
https://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/20180122/k10011296751000.html -NHK
The government is Control the news about the Winter Olympic.

Jan 19,He often negotiates with the media.

“Largest hydrogen storage facility in Namie”
 If the government resumes business in Fukushima, the government says it will issue a subsidy of 30 million yen and agriculture will produce 10 million yen.
There is a plan to make the world's largest hydrogen storage facility in Namie Town. As a replacement condition, the government makes parks and gymnasium in Namie Town.

Jan 21
Tell-all book”

NHK said at the end of the English conversation program, President Trump is the same as Kim Jong-un. NHK introduced him as a very stupid person. Is this due to mr.Abe's instruction?
In another English lessen program, foreign tourists were drunk SAKE of Fukushima. In this way, NHK repeatedly reports that Fukushima is safe.The SAKE has not been tested for radioactivity.

- Ōuchi-juku Fukushima

Jan 19
“Acquisition of UK uranium co.”
The Japanese government has entered negotiations on acquisition of Uranco (headquarters and UK), a major European uranium enrichment company, through JBIC.
Their way of writing always denies the fact.
Jan 16,This is a news site of harassment written about ICAN by the LDP. The LDP frequently sheds such harassment information in Okinawa too. The administrative system in Japan is also destroyed by the LDP. All is the responsibility of Mr. Abe.
 “Again this for 2020”
For the Tokyo Olympic in 2020, the government ceases radioactive testing of rice. They use the Olympic  politically. Nuclear-contaminated soil and food are spread all over the country.
Jan 19, the shrine applied for illegal cannabis growing. The tone denying the reality resembles the LDP. It seems as if the opium war by the LDP began. Japanese people get caught up in mr Abe 's wrong delusions.
Jan 22, missile evacuation drills will be held in the Tokyo Dome area. The opposite group.

Jan 18

Aug 7,2014,The Fukushima nuclear power plant is in severe condition.


Did Mr. Abe go on a trip after ordering a missile? Mr. Kono was puzzled because the missile scheduled on the 16th did not fly.
Erase official e-mai
Jan 16,The government decided to discard official e-mail from February in one year. This is necessary for the crime cabinet. Mr. Abe is breaking all Japan laws.
I do not know if the radioactivity test of Miyagi 's Sake is true, but it was in a supermarket nearby. "Eating and cheering" is a crime by the government.

Jan 17

“Accusation from political circles”
Jan 15,2018.Makiko Tanaka, the daughter of Tanaka Kakuei, criticizes Mr. Abe. He is giving away money to the lawmakers and running away. His group is made of descendants of war criminals.
Police officer to protect "Nihonkaigi group 's hate demo". This is similar to Mr. Abe's election speech. Citizen's voice.

There are more police officers

“Yoko Abe”
Mrs. Yoko Abe will use the Northern Territories. They always use political problems for reasons to earn money.

On January 16, 2018, NHK reported a J alert. I think that this was not a mistake but a failure of governmenttheir missile plan. Change in the way North Korea thinks?

Jan 16

"2018,Eating and cheering"
Jan 11 , again "Eating and cheering" by the University of Tokyo. But it is”Minami souma rice”. Professor Keiichi Nakagawa who works for the government is at the University of Tokyo.

Jan 13 2018,Article on nuclear ocean dumping in Fukushima written in English.
The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a comment saying it should be canceled.
About mr.Abe who ran away from ICAN.
Mr. Abe never buys an excellent water purifier from the United States, I can not pardon Prime Minister who has escaped from Fukushima's responsibility and he bought weapons with the money of welfare for the citizens.

Jan 15
2018,Dangerous news on Fukushima
Dangerous rice, nuclear pollution water, Monju, thyroid cancer, earthquake,etc. Japan is a lawless zone.

Food Act violationFukushima”

Run away mr.Abe
ICAN is in Japan until 18th, but Mr. Abe is running away.
NHK did not report the Nobel Peace Prize on TV, but Prime Minister Abe reported that there is no time to meet them in Tokyo.
In August 2015, while understanding the serious danger, mr Abe resumed the Kauai nuclear power plant.

Jan 14
Electric companies also deceive
In March 2015, TEPCO had a profit of 521 billion yen in net income. This year, Hokkaido Electric Power, which does not use nuclear power plants, was in the black.

A terrible sight
There is a nursery school near my house. It is a north wind now, and here is the area where radiation dose is high. On sunny days babysitters are playing with children and sand in the garden. Although it is usual, as a result infants have been exposed to radiation for a long time.If nuclear pollution is said to be dangerous, the baby can play other ways.
It is the same for Tokyo Disney Land. Truly, Mr. Abe lies and many babies are in danger. Is not this a crime?

Jan 13

“1997,Accusation from Fukushima nuclear power plant”

He was working as Level 1 Nuclear Power Plant Piping Skill. He worked in Fukushima and died by nuclear. He wrote the fact that  concealment and misrepresentation of the government and TEPCO at the end. That is about many mistakes and nuclear accidents at the site.
Monju,Fukushima,Mihama, Marine nuclear pollution, Nuclear waste,etc.


Peace forest park”
Jan 9 2018, A horrible civil engineering work began in the middle of Tokyo.

-It turns into a nuclear graveyard.

Jan 13,Estonia was also the purpose of weapons manufacturing. He seems to love murder.
ttps://ameblo.jp/minakatario/entry-12344199327.html -my blog.

Jan 12
"Murder like suicide"

Is he a politician? I think he is a criminal.

Jan 11
Government appeals missiles to children
Jan 11 2018,NHK will report again. Evacuation drills for elementary school missile defense. Strangely, NHK will not report how to prevent radiation.
https://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/20180105/k10011279801000.html -It was deleted soon
http://www3.nhk.or.jp/lnews/kagoshima/20180110/5050001445.html -Jan 10,2018,Kagoshima Tokunoshima

-Des 1. 2017,Fukuoka-ken

“Baltic States”
Why Mr. Abe will go on a journey to Baltic States. "I have never traveled Baltic States yet." 12-17
Citizen's voice.
https://mainichi.jp/articles/20180106/k00/00m/030/047000c -news
https://www.jiji.com/jc/article?k=2018010500639&g=prk -news

Jan 10

Bring Nuclear to Nakano-ku Tokyo
Everything is for the Olympics. In order to bury the nuclear contaminated soil, 17,000 trees in the park in Tokyo are cut. What will happen if an earthquake occurs?
Problematic Nakano's “Peace forest park

-Fill the soil contaminated with nucleus in the park 's pond!

The literature department disappears from the national university.
During the war students of the Faculty of Letters went to the battlefield. Students in the science system are helpful to war, so they stayed at the university. Abe will try the same thing.
This is a letter from the Department of Letters of the National University of Tsukuba.

https://www.facebook.com/souryuu.kizu/posts/1137835473017267 -FB
Citizen 's Twitter has been suspended now.

Jan 9
2017, nuclear contaminated wild animals. In such places, the government is trying to make a meadow.
This cheap milk is suspected of camouflaging the production area. Speaking of production in Hokkaido, there is no need for radioactive testing. Why process milk in Fukushima. For half a year I was deceived and drank this milk. Oh, my God! This is also ZEN-NOU.
red frame. Amount of radiation from Fukushima Dairy Industry.
Jan 8, Mr.Hoshino, famous baseball coach, died of cancer of the pancreas. However, he is criticized. He was on the CM of a nuclear power plant. He must have eaten and cheered. Citizen's voice.

Fake opposition parties
Mr. Edano has a so match with Mr. Abe in just two months. Japan is definitely proceeding to militarize.

Jan 8
“The real right wing”
Reference materialThe real right wing protests to the LDP. Mr,Abe is a fake right wing. Mr.Nobusuke Kishi is also a fake right wing. The he was attacked by genuine.
https://twitter.com/MINZOKUNOISI/status/949857157029150720 -video
my blog

2015.Former Prime Minister's Fukushima Report
2015,Mr,Naoto Kan. Even four years from the accident, the sea is in danger.There was a white fog on the Fukushima sea. -news

I saw a horrible post. Is this the nuclear explosion of "Monju" this summer? "Monju" will be an accident beyond Fukushima.
Even the criticism media of Abe did not report about the atomic bomb damage. The health damage report is not in Japan. I hope world media wants it to be a big problem in the world. I know the truth only by SNS now. Unfortunately, as NHK threatened, many people quit SNS.
About using marijuana of mr.Abe.-news.

Jan 7

.“6, 2013Threatens by NHK
NHK reported that the government is monitoring citizen's postings.
6,2017,The NET-UYO monitored opinions on nuclear power generation, and wrote intense complaints. That is the team the LDP employed.
We felt the fear monitored by such TV news. And we ware frightened by the comment of dirty words by "NET-UYO". Abe's politics threaten, deceive, conceal. The only reality is that radioactive contamination is serious.

“Awesome Fukushima's article”
Jan 5, 2018,There are plans to make feed with nuclear-contaminated land and grow dairy cows there. This milk will be sold mixed by ’ZEN-NOU’.There is still 85% radioactivity here. Minamisouma,Iiidate,Kawamata.
Around the same time, Mr. Abe was having a meal with a popular entertainer.
2017. Map of thyroid cancer.

Jan 6
“2018.Tell the true intention”
Jan 5.Mr. Abe gave out to the NET program and said the Meiji era is an ideal society. He enjoys destroying the law that protects human rights.

“Empire of Japan agean”
Jan.1 2018. Mr.Abe  again wants to make Japan a violent country. He spend a lot of money on Dentsu. He does not notice, Japan's credit is falling due to radioactive contamination. Abe is also not trusted. The election system is collapsing. This is a Japanese looting by Korean Mafia.

“2018.Mr. Abe's article”

Is this the effect of the mdeia meeting in December? It is said that Mr. Abe is popular this time. He will run away from the National Assembly, but actively participate in TV programs.
Jan 4,My mission is to change the constitution
Takeshi’s TV plograums.

Jan 1, nuclear-contaminated soil is not managed.

Jan 4

 Former Prime Minister wrote about nuclear weapons
Jan 3,2018,Mr. Hatoyama wrote about the relationship between nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons.

On February 12, 2014, Japan presented a medal to Mr. Rockefeller. Is that a thank you for fraudulent elections?

2016,An unfair election video. The vote did not arrive at the venue, but announced the result of the election. I have seen the same thing over TV many times.

Jan 3
“For maintaining nuclear power plant”
On Jan 2, Abe said at golf with business people, "Good things are going to happen this year." The Meiji government was made by the Tabuse terrorist group. So, Abe likes the word " revolution".
https://www.houdoukyoku.jp/clips/CONN00380855-news video
Jan 2,Former Prime Minister Naoto Kan.”Abe plans to provide a large amount of assistance to save the nuclear plant company”

“ Citizen's voice for golf”

Des 30.It is a voice of the citizen against Abe 's golf. I agree with them as well.Japan does not look like an emergency regime.

Jan 2

Des 28,2017 Amount of radiation in Tokyo last month, window glass.Cs-All 119.18Bq/kg

Jan 1
“Medical repression,2011”
September 2, 2011,The government is carrying out various bad actions so that Fukushima citizens can not receive radiation exposure inspection. It is still going on. why? The hospital says we can not do the examination.

A false dosimeter
Jan 2015,Individual dosimeters distributed in Fukushima were made to give a 40% lower figure. Nuclear decontamination was done based on this.Without repenting, the government plans to construct a new state-owned nuclear power plant this year. After that, Japan actively exports nuclear power plants too.

-A false dosimeter

Des 31
Looking back on this year, the Japanese media were hidden.Illegal elections, Abe's crime, large-scale demonstrations, Mrs Shiori Ito, forest fires, nuclear health hazards, nuclear waste etc.
I think Japan should prepare to be able to inspect internal exposure at hospital.
http://lite-ra.com/i/2017/12/post-3703-entry.html -2017Lie · Best 10

“2014-2017,Nuclear-contaminated soil”
July 23,2014.Radioactive substances exceeding 1 trillion Becquerel were scattered in the paddy field of Fukushima. NHK reprted nuclear damage until 2014? In 2017, Unfortunately,NHK conceals a plan to fill the nuclear polluted soil of Nakano-ku Citizens' Park.

Des 30
"Contract violation national medical insurance"
-Des 24,news. Six years have passed since Fukushima's nuclear explosion. It is time to get symptoms such as cancer from now on.Mr. Abe will revise the high-cost medical system. The insurance payment that occurs when surgery fee is 100,000 yen or more becomes 500,000 yen or more.In Japan, hospitalization is within 2 weeks. As a result most of it ends within 500,000 yen.
The new system does not play the role of insurance. Where are the premiums we paid? Our pension was invested in a stealth bomb. Is our medical insurance a battleship's cost? Abe does not help many atomic-bomb survivors suffering. And it is a coward who controls the media to hide all responsibility. Abe is enthusiastic about bullying the weak.

Miyagi-ken, Dangerous sake”
2016.He measured the radioactivity after drinking the sake gift. Likewise, I noticed this SNS after drinking Miyagi’s sake. Failure, I also drunk nuclear polluted sake. Of course, Fukushima sake is also dangerous.
2014,Citizen's voice about dangerous Sake in Miyagi
However, manufacturers have announced that there was no nuclear problem in self-inspection.How many years ago would it be?The bottle of sake absorbs radioactivity.
The government gives subsidies to manufacturers suffering from the disaster caused by the disaster and forces them to continuously operate there. The purpose is to make Japan look as a safe country. These are the choices for everyone to be unhappy.
Likewise, mr.Abe want to show that he are popular prime ministers, so they exclude critical people. Everything is a lie.

“Harassment to celebrities”

Harassent to the entertainer critical to the government. Uploaded images are immediately rejected from Twitter. -Popular radio personalities,

-Topic comedian, His NET program suddenly ended.
https://twitter.com/WRHMURAMOTO/status/947243817647742978 Political image disappeared from Twitter.

An announcer criticizing Abe also loses his job.

An article that Abe and his wife are using marijuana.

Des 29

Des 29,It was TVreported that Abe's holiday is enjoying golf.I remembered the time of Namie Forest Fire.

Posted about assassination of politicians in 2002, the darkness of the national budget of Japan. Interesting comment.

Des26,Abe often consults with press. What are their agreed objectives?

Abe hides all bad things for him. And he always threatens Japanese citizen.Abe 's testimony written in Diet records was deleted, broadcast by the National Assembly,Namie Forest Fire,Nuclear polluted soil, Fukushima's responsibility, people in Fukushima, Mr. Kagoike,Truth, fraudulent votes, black money, nuclear weapons.
He now deleted the lie about the Fukushima accident from the Abe’s HP.


Des 28

Nuclear weapons”
The Prime Minister of Japan was famous for its frequent change. Why? Abe is a prime minister for five years. The purpose of Japan is to mislead the problem of Fukushima. At the same time, Japan intends to fight again with America. I was watching NHK 's morning series drama. Every drama contains an air raid scene. This is brainwashing which induces hatred to America.
To complete the hatred to USA, Abe is trying to control Japan. He thinks that victory is possible by using nuclear weapons.

-NHK 's morning series drama leads to war.

Des 27
“Again responsibility for the accident”
3.11.2015,This is a report on Fukushima's responsibility of Abe.After that,Abe 's testimony written in Diet records was deleted.

“Love for nuclear power plant”
Members of the local LDP have issued a request to resume nuclear power plants. They assert that nuclear power plants are necessary for Japan. Please read the opinion of the citizen.

Twitter Japan began to eliminate political writing. He does not use dirty words. Repression began.

“Abe are love the war”

As the government planned, IZUMO will remodel to aircraft carrier.

Des 26
Nuclear-contaminated soil,Tokyo
As an excuse at the Olympic and fill the nuclear contaminated soil to the park in Nakano Ward. The government will repeat again.

Des 25
“Sousei Nihon”
This is a video of Abe 's political group' Sousei Nihon '. They say that citizens do not need human rights.
Please do not trust Fukushima's rice. Please look at this SNS comment. Rice has been mixed for a long time.
She lives in the USA and is posting on nuclear pollution. The Japanese are silent for fear of being arrested.
2011-2014. Citizen's voice on the presentation of the Japan Coast Guard.

Des 24
"Let's eat and cheer" The office is in Dentsu. And Dentsu is a major shareholder of Twitter Japan.The people have been deceived by the Government, Dentsu, NHK.
Dentsu was also monitoring.
https://twitter.com/desler/status/944021237633654784 -twitter
Citizen's voice opposing the Tokyo Olympic. Many people do not welcome this. Everyone is concerned about radioactivity.-twitter

“Induction of hostility”
Des 23,The government is induce hostility towards the United States.

When she wrote about fraudulent elections, the twitter account was stoped.-twitter
Comedian Youtubu who took up politics disappeared too.

IOC is seeking a luxurious stay in Japan.

Des 23

 Weapons manufacture
Des 19,Japan has become a merchant of death.-news

2016,Religion and politicians who like war.

Des 22
2015,- Make a decision to endanger workers in Fukushima.-news

 “Nuclear-contaminated infant's noodles”twitter

“Plutonium nuclear power plant”.
2015-2017,40 nuclear power plants remain in Japan by the decommissioning furnace. However, the government has prepared a new plutonium nuclear power plant.


"Protest with photos"

(Mainichi newspaper

Des 21

Investigation of strontium 90 by Japan Coast Guard-twitter

“Nuclear-contaminated soil,2018”
Des 19, NHK is reporting that there will not be any problem, to fill the soil which was nuclear contaminated next spring. Again, the Japanese government will  be tamper with the numbers.

Des 20

“High radiation”
Tokyo Dome in Tokyo has high radiation dose. Dome ceiling membrane penetrates deeply 5 cm deep in cesium with glass cloth fabric . These are higher than government announcements.
Radiation dose of main entertainment facilities.-magazine Fridy, Aug 13, 2016,


“Posts by LDP members”
As an example.They say Fukushima is safe.They always write different facts.-twitter
So LDP Abe,We are about to do the Olympic Games that the world recognizes. Besides, it's okay to eat, so I will not pay any further compensation. Get back to Fukushima soon.

“Victims of torrential rain in Kumamoto,july 2017”
There is no evacuation place, they still live in a Vinyl house for agriculture. But their hardships are not media reported. Abe actively uses national budget for purchasing weapons. This is always TV news.-twitter

Des 19
Tokyo Bay with uranium pollution
2011-2016,This is a blog that 20 tons of depleted uranium is contaminating Tokyo Bay. I also saw this explosion. And it burned for days.The government is hiding everything.
From the ECO Cement factory, nuclear is also diffused. 2011,Reuse 440,000 Becquerel nuclear contaminated soil.

Abe is spreading not only money but also dangerous nuclear to the world.

3 11, 2011,Ichihara-shi

On December 17, Dentsu himself locked the twitter.
December 19, Twitter Japan will issue a statement if it monitors with new rules.

Fraud election
She suspects fraudulent elections and she tweets the monitored images everyday. Has long been a fraud election held? Abe is not popular.

Change for fakes

Des 18
"Japan's stand-up comedy duo"
Ironic about politics.
Translate to English

“Compared map with Ukraine”

Applying Ukraine's migration zone due to radioactivity to the Japanese map is like this. Mr. Abe orders to live in the collapsed radioactivity area due to the earthquake.-twitter
The court must spend a lot of time. But while the government hides the facts, we must die.
Please give us the right to know the fact.

“Former prime ministers issued a statement”
Let's protect Japan from Abe.July 11, 2017, The former prime minister of the six people are saying that Abe should quit a politician. Mr. Hata, who proposed this, died after this.-my blog

Des 17
“Eastern Europe”
In January, Abe will go to Eastern Europe to distribute money.

People who died investigating Abe's corruption.-twitter

Des 16
"Is it an order?"
Des 15,Mr. Abe participated in the media meeting.


Des 15,He imitates Hitler and uses celebrities.-my blog
https://twitter.com/today_gochisou/status/941739669665882112 -twitter

“Make a school in Fukushima”
There are plans to sacrifice children's health to deceive people.-twitter.

“Like the Nazis”
Send threatening letters to the victims of Okinawa.-twitter.
http://www.asahi.com/articles/ASKDH5DS6KDHTIPE01X.html  -news

.Many citizens are deceived by NHK, so everyone do not read the nuclear power SNS much.

Des 15

Exactly the same thing has begun with neighboring countries at Chernobyl. However, Abe will provide nuclear-polluted food to the world.

Truth of export of nuclear power plants

Japan withdraws radioactive waste.

Radioactive waste
Is Protective clothing really safe? By burning it, nuclear materials also spread. 2014.

WHO Report Japan

March 3, 2015
In Fukushima, cancer patients increased by 6000%.


“Misuse of the U N”
May 2017,Abe also lied to the people about G7.
About this, UN later denied it.

Des 14

Maximum pressure against North Korea?”
Le secrétaire général des Nations Unies, Antonio Guterres et le Premier ministre japonais Shinzo Abe, le 14 décembre 2017 à Tokyo.
NHK reported this as 「圧力最大限で一致」.NHK always cheats the people

At the same time,Mr. Abe is afflicting the Japanese, but decided a lot of support overseas.
This is also NHK.

“Fraud election”

“Musashi” is a subsidiary of Fuji Soft. This is used by the LDP and Dentsu.97%, 98% Organize the equipment so that votes can be won by a small difference so that votes are properly subtle. Up to hundreds and dozens of votes, it is possible to operate all municipalities all the time.
my blog.

Mr. Abe will raise the military budget and reduce welfare budget.

Organize the Navy
Abe is planning a naval base in Okinawa.Nov 1 2017 news English

Des 13

"Dangerous NHK

Citizen's voice to NHK who ignored the Nobel Peace Prize.
This is my blog. About Nihonkaigi and NHK.

Strangely, victory occurs simultaneously with vote calculation.

“Falsify NHK”
About the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accident, NHK reports the English coverage in detail. But in Japan, NHK hide the facts. NHK news is deceiving like an international standard.

“IOC dinner"

NHK Des 12
SPUTNIK Japan,Des 4
Provide a menu utilizing ingredients in disaster areas in athletes villages and others.

Des 13 ANN news
Dinner for IOC is Standing party. This movie is no scene to eat.

Some newspapers do not report the Nobel Peace Prize at all and many Japanese do not know about it.

Des 12

In 2017, examination on the radioactivity of wild animals.
In 2011,Food service companies using Fukushima's ingredients.
September 29, 2017,Henoko

-Yukio Hatoyama, Former prime minister

"Intimidation by NHK"

April 3, 2016
NHK reported that the LDP is monitoring the Internet. They are always threatening the people. Unfortunately these are reasons why the Japanese are quiet.
Every day NHK reported, but there are no arrests due to Conspiracy 's crime now.
Yesterday, only NHK did not report about the Nobel Peace Prize.

Des 11
April 9, 2015.152 high school students from Fukushima were caught in a horrible plan.

"Malicious NHK"
Again, Naraha city Fukushima is the stage. TV Program on October 31, 2015.
Yesterday, I saw an eerie blog.

Mafia will visit him”
Des 9, Mafia to visit the house of Ave. And they are under contract for work.

Deceived tax
The government collected new taxes from the people, but it was not used to rebuild the affected areas. Oct 28.2016
In addition, they are now bullying the affected people.

Des 10

“Tritium to the sea”

Fukushima.TEPCO announced on 14th July 2017 that it will release tritium to the sea.
Abe is trying to make a new nuclear power without thinking about environmental problems.

“Hide health damage

20th October 2015,TEPCO recognizes the health hazard of workers in Fukushima. From this time, such information is hidden.


Des 9

“Live in Fukushima!”
Abe orders to live in Fukushima. However, Fukushima contaminated soil was not removed. On April 6, 2015, there are reports that citizens are confused in Fukushima. This is the first town to implement a return plan.
Fukushima newspaper

“Strangely Extraordinary National Diet”

Strangely, the North Korean problem did not come up to the agenda. Strangely, it is decided to raise salaries of civil servants. By this, public officials will obey Abe.

Asahi newspeper, today

Nuclear terrorism at the falsehood

This no doubt that the preparation of nuclear terrorism to the Kanto area I wrote before. Abe would like to experience mass murder like a Nazi.This is preparation for a terrorist attack on USA.
Des 8 2017
October 2017
September 2017

Des 8

“Baby deformed by nuclear influence”
The Tokyo Olympic were decided on 7th September 2013. At that time, was Japan safe? I felt something wrong at that time.In 2015 there was intense repression against citizens opposed to nuclear power plants. With this, blogs on nuclear damage have decreased.
It is a post about Fukushima's malformation.In the hospital, the child born is soaked in formalin and hidden.

English and Japanese


Organizer by the University of Tokyo

In December 2015, "Eating and supporting" at the University of Tokyo, it  was also broadcast on NHK. The Japanese government has been using Fukushima rice for elementary school lunch.
November 30, 2015. Citizen summary blog.
Imperial Rule Assistance Association
NHK has abandoned the truth for money and is cooperating with Abe 's lie. My blog. With this, NHK is constructing a luxurious new building.

-Fukushima Food!

Des 7

"Malicious NHK , Nuclear-contaminated soil"
Dec 5, 2017,NHK reports that there is no concern about the reuse of nuclear-contaminated soil.

"Mind control by NHK"
Malicious NHK 2017. J-Alert.

Damage caused by cheering at eating Fukushima.

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Consumer Affairs Agency

Because it is difficult for the public to prove health damage caused by radiation, the government will not stop nuclear proliferation.

Des 6
Nuclear-contaminated soil 3”

March 2015
Work that puts nuclear-contaminated soil in Fukushima, which became a big problem.

Summary of articles about malicious nuclear power plants blog

Blog of nuclear-contaminated soil recycling problem

October 24, 2016
The Fukushima Nuclear Power Station tour is planned now, and 10,000 people are participating in the year. Also students are participating.

In 2016, girls high school students were used for the tour for safety promotion, which became a problem. I think that all unhappiness is caused by Abe 's lie. My blog.

放射能汚染地図は魚を対象にした物で、2015年1月~6月までの検査結果が対象。 検出件数ワースト5はマダコ、うなぎ、シロメバル、メバル、めかぶの順番で、全体的に海底で生活をしている生物の数字が高かった。

The continuing proliferation of nuclear in Japan

June 23, 2016
Use nuclear contaminated soil for public works. TV news.
At the comments, use trees that are nuclear contaminated for biomass power generation.


October 3, 2017
The Ministry of the Environment has spread nuclear polluted soil throughout for the country. magazine.

December 6, 2017
We actively utilize storage nuclear contaminated soil to the embankment in Fukushima. Radio broadcasting.

Des 5
Dangerous Tokyo Bay 2"
October 2013. Cesium released to the Tamagawa river from Tokyo Tama Eco Cement Factory33 million Becquerel per day.

Ichihara Eco Cement Co., Ltd. voluntarily inspected the wastewater treatment facility in Tokyo Bay on October 28, 2011 and found radioactive cesium exceeding 1,000 Bq / kg concentration.

Tamagawa's water is also flowing in Tokyo Bay. Tokyo Bay is a garbage dump of nuclear power. We are eating fish in Tokyo Bay without knowing the fact. The government has not taken any action on nuclear waste. Mr.Abe is hiding The inconvenient truth by putting pressure on the media.
People who began to be driven out to Fukushima 2
Naoto Kan Former prime minister is writing Twitter about the eviction trial of Fukushima displaced people.

This is a report on blindness of ophthalmologist in Fukushima in 2014.

“Eco cement”

2011, Detects high concentrations of cesium up to 440,000 Bq / kg per kilogram from molten slag reused for cement and others.Tokyo,Ibaragi-ken.

People who began to be driven out to Fukushima

A trial against victims who did not return to Fukushima since March this year was held. They say they illegally occupy their residences. The government says for forcibly to live in Fukushima to show Japan's safety.

Des 4

"New nuclear power plant in Japan!"
Des 3
Mr. Abe says it will need a new nuclear power plant in Japan. This plan is scheduled for April next year.


Mr.Abe invested the national pension in a weapons manufacturing company and postponed payment to the people.
In Sudan, the SDF person must have died in the battle, but Mr. Abe let him report that he committed suicide.The death of the combat pension is never paid to the family.
Mr.Abe is about to revive the pension for parliamentarians. By this, many the lawmakers will follow him.
In case of Moritomo matter, Mr. Kagoike has been illegally detained for 4 months.
Mr. Maekawa resigned from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology under the influence of Moritomo case.
But he does not hide, he keeps making remarks.As a result, business interference with his family company is happening by Mr. Abe. So harassment.

"strontium in Tokyo Bay"
March 2014,The government's announcement was lies. Nuclear food chain is also occurring. This is an important document.
Japan Coast Guard.


Des 3

"Nuclear pollution of Tokyo Disneyland"
Tokyo Disneyland is also nuclear contaminated. The reason is because it is adjacent to the river and Tokyo bay. Moreover, nucleus is diffused together with water vapor from tap water containing nuclear material of facility pond. The panel of the ground that sucks rain is already dangerous. Radioactive substances flowing from the mountains of Fukushima into the river flow into Tokyo Bay. Rain including cesium is also accumulated in the pond.In this way, the lives of many children are lost.
I think that it is necessary to tell Mr. Abe's crime to many tourists.

"Radioactive water continued to flow to the sea."
Feb 25,2015
It turned out that TEPCO hid it on 24th February That is about the leakage of a large amount of water including radioactive material from wastewater of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station to the sea. In April last year they knew about it, but did not take measures such as replacing the drainage ditch in the dedicated port.
I know that this problem has not been solved yet.


Des 2

Reuse of nuclear contaminated soil
Mr.Abe decided to use Fukushima contaminated soil in to the park. This is a dangerous act leading to nuclear contamination expansion. This was the same in the Olympic venues of Tokyo Bay.The reason why he does not announce is because it became a problem when Japanese goverment used nuclear-contaminated soil in to the Tokyo park in the past.
March 27, 2017 https://mainichi.jp/articles/20170328/k00/00m/040/094000c

Fill it in the park?

“Radioactive contamination in Tokyo

Dangerous park of Ikebukuro where there was nuclear waste

It became a problem in the park in Tokyo.

Des 1
"Eathquake & Nuclear accident"

In July 2013, Mr. Abe declared to the world that "Fukushima is safe".

This is an article on Accident of the nuclear power plant of Japan,from February 2011 to June 2015 written in English.
Inside the same site, this is the result of examination of Fukushima Vegetables written in Japanese.
Japanese articles are written in cooperation with environmental NGO.The value of cesium contained in vegetables is increasing. What we can see from this is that the environment in Fukushima has not improved.
From 2015, nuclear pollution is increasing more and more. One of the causes is Eco Cementtoo.
Mr.Abe is starting using nuclear polluted soil in the park. The baby's body is susceptible to nuclear influence. Japan is dominated by terrible politicians. I want to protect the life of a cute baby.
So There are no Japanese who swim in nuclear-polluted Tokyo Bay. Why do the Olympic athletes compete there?

Following the earthquake, tsunami, and failure of cooling systems at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant and issues concerning other nuclear facilities in Japan on 11 March 2011, a nuclear emergency was declared. At the same time, a large amount of garbage contaminated with nuclei was made.

Because the incineration plant in Fukushima was destroyed by the disaster, it burned nuclear waste damaged in other areas and helped it. As a result, it became diffusion of radioactive material, so it brought many complaints.
Currently, at the factory of Tokyo, the incineration ash at that time is recycled to cement. The most dangerous thing is that nuclear microparticles leak out of the factory during the manufacturing process. Then it is used in public places. Pavement,Concrete paver blocks, Building.
Mr. Abe lied as "Tokyo is safe" for the Olympic Games. He stopped support for refuge to people of Fukushima to hide a lie. However, the nuclear pollution of Japan is not over. Japan has the four seasons. The direction of the wind changes frequently, and the periodic wind carries nuclear material from Fukushima. The nucleus polluted water of Fukushima always flows through the Pacific. For a lie of the security, he abandons safety measures.
For two years until the Tokyo Olympic Games, people's health and lives are dangerous as Japan pretends to be safe. It will be the same for travelers. Hide the facts for the Tokyo Olympic Games. This must be the reason why Japanese mass media can not report freely. The next horrible plan is to recycle nuclear polluted soil.
Many Japanese do not know the fact of nuclear pollution because facts are not reported. Mr. Abe was concealed the mountain fires of Namie in May too. At that time we could not protect ourselves from radiation. As a result, people were exposed to radiation. We will have to die for the Tokyo Olympic Games. What is the world athletic meet for?

Please publish the facts in the International Criminal Court for us.
Nov 30,
Kyoko Kanazawa  Japan

Concrete paver blocks

Nov 30
"Olympic venue"

This place still accepts industrial waste.The staff wore protective clothing and thrown trash to the Olympic venue.

Nov 28 ,2017
"Nuclear waste Cement"

Tokyo-to used cement products made in Factory for Eco Cement at Asakusa Tawaramachi station of sightseeing spots. However, it is polluted by hazardous chemical and Radioactivity material.Eco Cement made from incinerated ashes affected by Fukushima Nuclear Accident of western Tokyo is 0.09μSv/h on it. This cement is dangerous in a manufacturing process.
Jan 2016
Tawara-machi station, 18-1,1-Chome NishiAsakusa Taito-ku Tokyo-to.https://twitter.com/temari_hn/status/696653722588356608
At the Tokyo Olympic Games, roads, air, water and food are at risk of radiation. I think that Japanese Government and the IOC deceiving the world.

Factory for Eco Cement,”
7642 Ohguno Ohaza Hinode-cho Nishitama-gun Tokyo-to


Nov 25
"Removal of nucleus"
About Japan golf course, nuclear removal work is only Fukushima. The planned Saitama prefecture golf course does not remove the nucleus. Is the Tokyo Olympics really safe? Abe began a clinical survey again. He often golfed at the nuclear golf course which was not removed. His health seems to worsen.

Nov 24
"Cesium rice of Fukushima、EU
Why did EU permit import of Fukushima of rice? Is rice tested by the EU really rice in Fukushima? This blog writes the result that measured cesium of the food which an individual was brought into as Tokyo University.
I am worried about health damage caused by foreign cesium.

Nov 23
"Tokyo Olympic"
At last, some opinion came out that the Tokyo Olympics should be relinquish from the Japanese sports circle too.
I agree to his opinion. I think that many people will die in Fukushima due to the Tokyo Olympic Games.

"Monitoring post"
In the case of Monitoring post of the Fukusima ken Iidate village.In around Monitoring post, the Japanese Government decontaminated the nucleus thoroughly.
However, measuring the nucleus at a point 2 meters away is 50% higher. This is a misunderstanding of numbers.

Nov 21
Japan funds to decommissioning of the nuclear power generation
Power generation company did not use Japan funds to decommissioning of the nuclear power generationproperly.They misappropriated ¥ 180 billion for new nuclear power generation.

November 14,
"Snipe permission"
Abe passed a terrible bill at the Minister meeting of the cabinet decision.
When Armament refugees enter Japan,Allow shooting to death by SDF.Mr. Abe refuses to discuss in the National Assembly and decides a serious law one after another.


Collection of healthy damage blog”

I feel that the sound of an ambulance siren has increased now.These are Japanese blogs written about citizens' health damage.
"Health injury increasingly serious"
Unfortunately, the elderly believe in NHK. Young people think Abe 's dangerous word as a new game. Regarding health damage, it seems like taboo in Japan.Are there any problems with the health of foreigners who volunteered in Fukushima? Abe is a sinner who hides information on correct radiation, even in the world.
NHK and the newspaper did not report demo of about 60,000 people in Tokyo and Osaka on November 3.

Nov 6

Nuclear infection of sumo wrestlers
From the fall of 2014, 1 ton of Fukushima rice was sent to the winner of "Sumo Grand Prix".From the first winner, their break muscle rupture and bad gymnastics.Unfortunately, their are used for the Japanese Government's Fukushima Safety Public Information.
My blog this time is humor. I expect to Judgment.

Nov 3

The Japanese government acknowledged the right to vote for an 18-year-old high school student. They are educated that they need a constitutional amendment. This is a malicious mind control.

Oct 26.2017

"Mr. Aso spoke on missiles."
He said, the result of the election is due to North Korea's aid.Funny thing is that the missile frequently flew before Abe got to the United Nations, but now I will not fly.On television they did not film where the people are voting.There was also a polling place that accelerated closure with typhoon as an excuse.

.Oct 9 2017

The Tokyo Olympics 2020 will be held in radioactive waste affected by the Fukushima nuclear accident. After that, due to public protests, the venue for mountain biking changed to Shizuoka-ken. But there is no news report on this issue. Changing the venue is the fact that the radiation contamination of the landfill site is fact and the government has admitted. These radioactivity will affect the health of athletes and audiences.

Presentation by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the 125th Session of the International Olympic Committee (IOC)
Saturday, September 7, 2013
Some may have concerns about Fukushima. Let me assure you,the situation is under control. It has never done and will never do any damage to Tokyo.I can also say that, from a new stadium that will look like no other to confirmed financing, Tokyo 2020 will offer guaranteed delivery.I am here today with a message that is even more important. We in Japan are true believers in the Olympic Movement. I, myself, am just one example.

Prime Minister Abe lied in a public place, but the influence of radioactivity remains in this venue. The polluted soil of the accident team of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant is also buried in the landfill disposal site of Tokyo Bridge and 63.2 million cubic meters of contaminated soil is brought in Toyosu.I recognize Prime Minister Abe like crimes against humanity and appeal to International Criminal Court .

Sep. 25 2017

My dream is that the election monitoring team will come to Japan from the United Nations now. Terrorist Abe plans nuclear terrorism in the Kanto area of Japan after the unfair election. There are three objectives.
He wants to mislead Japanese nuclear pollution by nuclear bomb. Abe wants to close the National Diet eternally using Emergency clause for dictatorship. He wants to amend the Peace Constitution. He hopes to give fear and death to Japanese citizens.
Next he will act as a leader of the “Nippon Kaigi”. Their purpose is to fight against the United States again. His terrible plan is nuclear terrorism faked out as an action of North Korea.Abe is going to use nuclear bombs to America in the pretense of terrorism next times too.Does the People of the world trust him? I think an election monitoring group is now that I stop him peacefully. Please help us and move for world peace. Or instruct the oily pen to be used at the time of voting so as not to be able to use malicious machines. And then destroy the election machine's system.
Please help us, please help us from Abe's Political violence. I would like you to pursue the problem of Namie's forest fire too. At that time, he ignored and enjoyed playing golf. I think that Abe can be stopped at the right election and this court.

Sep. 5 2017
I thank for your reading my letter.Abe abolished food safety management administration. He must sell radioactivity polluted food.
I'm sorry. I cannot write it in English well. I write it in Japanese.
He is a liar and is a very in danger person. We need a politician following a law. And we hope for dispatch of Election observer mission. Please, please save our life.

May25 2017

"Forest Fire,Namie Fukushima"

I am Japanese citizen lived in Japan,my birth country. My friends and I need to tell you about the government of Japan and especially on our Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.The power plant on Japan’s east coast went into meltdown after an earthquake and tsunami hit on March 11, 2011. Only recently, Fukushima’s radiation levels hit a six-year high, reaching a huge 530 sieverts per hour. And the plant continues to release radiation to this day, despite efforts to contain the leaking.
A forest fire produced the further problem in Namie-machi, Fukushima on April 29.The forest fire of difficult-to-return zone, burnt 75 hectares in 12 days.Because much nuclear material was left on the mountain, much nuclear material must have been scattered by fire.In fact, Tokyo was windward, but records numerical value of the normal triple radioactivity now.However, the government did not announce this fire.I knew this fire at Twitter on May 6.According to the news of the Asahi Shimbun of May 10, the fire went out, but says that the dose of radioactivity of Fukushima does not change.

I cannot trust it at all.Family who enjoyed spring vacation in nature without knowing it in the same way and small children. I worry about the health of oneself and them. And foreign tourist too. I worry about player's health.The aim of Abe is a dictator like Hitler. His dream is to give a speech like Hitler in Olympic Stadium. The true data of Fukushima will be obstruction of the Olympics. Abe does news regulation such as North Korea. We do not want to reach the Olympics as an autocracy.
Japan has radioactive contamination and is not a healthy country. Deformed child, Loss of eyesight, Sudden death. Abe is the man who is in danger in liars. Please, please judge him for world peace. And my country will go to infringe the UN Charter’s Enemy Clauses?  So we are convinced that you will be able to help us. We want to keep our peaceful country. Please keep democracy and human rights in the world! Please help us! He is not a politician, but a terrorist. Abe controls the media and the police, He deleted the case that journalist Yamaguthi of the friend violated sexual harassment from the investigation.
I do not reason why Abe was able to refuse the United Nation's Election Observer Team in the past. But at the next election, we , Japanese peoples, really need UN's "expert monitoring" team. I've heard somewhere that you can communicate with UN. So if you can contact UN for our Correct Election, you can help us a lot.My only wish is keeping Japan as a peaceful country.

(Forest Fire Namie Fukushima

"Prime Minister Abe enjoyed playing golf with his wife on vacation. May 7"
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlmGsYMPxzs -Youtubu  

“A Continent Complex”Control of Senkaku territory
The East China Sea is raising the big wave by each desire. Japanese feels the possibility of war by Provocative action of  China Defense Force involving The territorial dispute of the Senkaku Islands. And the mainland China has serious air pollution.Irrespective of the tense state Japan is going to technical assistance support for the problem solving.Furthermore, But not limited to10,000 Japanese companies already advance to China, and 160,000 Japanese live for work.

I who experienced the Prime Minister scandal analyze this strange relation

 It was in 1981 that I met Mr.RyutaroHashimoto(1937-2006)in Ginza. He was a promising younger politician. He began the talk of the China overseas trip, shortly after taking the taxi. He was filled to boast and excitement of the trip. It is in 1986 to have met him and the second time. He said carrying out supper with me in a boastful manner.The failure as the Minister of Health and Welfare was the homecoming of Japanese orphans in China. They are avaricious into money.

 Japanese orphans in China is caused by Manchukuo (1932–1934) which Imperial Japanese Army planned in 1936. At this time, 850,000 people emigrated to Manchuria by "Five years of industrial exploitation plan" which Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's grandfather, Mr. Nobusuke Kishi considered. They are the citizens who were not able to go back in the end of World War II. Although the postwar reparation problem was mutual abandonment, the diplomatic relations with China had stopped. However, Japanese orphans in China did not receive satisfactory support from the Japanese government. As a result of careless correspondence, Unjust entrance into a country and Mafia systematization  occurs by Their posterity and it has the The problem of aggravation of the peace.

About Senkaku, when Possibility of extensive underground-resources burying was checked by Seabed measurement by the United Nations in 1968, China began to assert the Dominium . Although China was the time of confusion by Cultural Revolution, Japan recovered diplomatic relations for the purpose of problem solving in 1972.Discovered Underground resources of the Senkaku domain in 1968, China began to assert The ownership. Four years afterward, Japan recovered China and diplomatic relations in1972. To conclude a peace treaty in 1978 was decided after a tragic revolution  finished . It is larger than the Japanese who emigrated to Manchuria.At this time, Mr. Deng Xiaoping said about Senkaku, "We will leave it to the wise person of the future. " The idea of the future is performed by Senkaku. Effective control of Japan is denied by China Defense Force . It seems to me that it is following the plan.
However,Japan did on the pretext of thanks to Japanese orphans in China and began ODA support in China. And Japan was maintenance to the China lifeline and promoted the advance of the Japanese company. This action resembles the case of the Manchukuo. The Japanese government did not do reflection 40 years ago. Japan was filled with superior feeling by the cheap labor force of China.

And now Japanese company is at a loss for the strike for wage increases of the workers. There is the destruction by the riot, too, and the Japanese company is like the hostage. Although“ChinaPlus1”has also occurred in response to the disquieting state, it is restricted to some major companies. Because, since a large amount of forfeit is imposed on withdrawal, it does not go simply,embarrassment continues.On the other hand, there are 620,000 Chinese who are staying in Japan. Furthermore, if an illegal stay is included, it will be 1 million people. Depending on the course, a riot may happen in Japan. I analyzed this Japanese postwar defenseless action .

China has 4000 years of history and is abundant in experience of trade as a big country of the Eurasian Continent. History of Japan is in 2000 and, moreover, has grown in response to the influence of China. Also in present-day education, it learned "Japan is a resource-starved small country and resources are full of China" not to mention history. It is the Japanese inferiority complex currently continued for 2000 years. I name it a "continent complex."The Japanese is excited at associating with China. Not only Mr. Hashimoto, when a Japanese politician visits China, they are doing expression filled to special boast. Japanese people talk about experience of a travel of China as big pride. Japanese people hold sense of superiority in cheap "Made in China", and if Chinese people does some shopping in Japan, they will be excited. And the Japanese company is proud of a factory in China. It is reaction of ”the continent complex” that is in the bottom of the heart. Ironically, military commanders in the history planned aggression in China, too, but nobody succeeds.

      ”Any tricks cannot win true.”
 And government assert “About Senkaku, it is right to have made it ambiguous.” now. I felt the question for this language. Ambiguity is politics of Japan itself. Mr, Nobusuke Kishi failed in Manchukuo, but became Prime Minister later without being asked the crime. Mr.Hashimoto Ryutaro became a Minister of Finance two years after I met me.And he met with a Chinese woman interpreter and the relation became a report repeatedly. Although it was a problem like “Profumo Affair”, it became ambiguous too. And he was made to lend 1,300 million yen unjustly from Fuji Bank using the business girl of night. He took the responsibility with which it was revealed and resigned the post of a Minister of Finance. However, the money is not returned. Not only they were ambiguous,and also he was elected Prime Minister in 1996.
People also have not a policy but the tendency to choose a politician with their lineage. As for Abe cabinet of Japan, 12 of 19 persons are actually hereditary Dietman. And Mr. Hashimoto and Mr.Abe are hereditary Dietman. Thus, politics of Japan likes a familyish decision. I do not think that this bid-rigging feeling is accepted in international society.

About one, a Chinese manner“We need your cooperation”When they received much ODA support from Japan, they were quiet. However, China which national-defense Power reproduced insists "About Senkaku, We do not recognize it as a neighboring country."I consider. The same dispute will occur here and there, if the negative act of this effective control is accepted in the United Nations.
About the reason which I exposed, Night of the date, I introduced investors to him. When he becomes a Minister of Finance, three friends of an investor say to me. "You will not know. They whom you introduced have vast profit in a stock. " When I said it to investors through a lawyer, they plotted the trick which makes me an offender. The anger is a motive of confession. However, the civil affair intervention of the police continued. Pressure on gravure article. When he became the Prime Minister, the lie that paid me a large amount of secret expenses was sent to the media. I am interested in the whereabouts of the money.It was found out afterwards that Hashimoto hid a political donation of 100 million yen,He assumed the responsibility and resigned a politician in 2005.Like an ironic fate,His last foreign travel was China. It is the next year of the retirement.He suffered from the illness of signs mysterious after a travel, and died five months afterward.

The manipulation of information of the Japanese government became clear in the nuclear power plant disaster. "The world press freedom index" of 2012 fell to the 53rd place. Mr,Hashimoto was a politician with the popularity. However, Yomiuri and the Sankei newspaper publisher supported me. There is a strong sense of justice in a Japanese newspaper publishing company. I did not lose political pressure. And I am glad that I can write one's opinion with a pen now.

                                      Jun,3, 2013  Kyoko Kanazawa
In 1978, Prime Minister Takeo Fukuda contracted the Japan-China Peace and Friendship Treaty. House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs statement of mr.Takeo Fukuda, October 16,It "is what do not need it at all" to offer confirmation to the Chinese side.
Japan did not do a strong opinion about Senkaku.
Japan has a proverb called
"Buy Cheap and waste your money".The company felt charm for the cheap labor force. People were pleased with cheap Chinese-made goods. As a result, we lost the right of underground resources and did not do the assumption troubled to a high electric bill in future either.
And the Abe Prime Minister is going to control the African Continent now. He does not notice it being a "Kamikaze special attack unit"-like action not to look at the neighborhood well.
Diet member Yoriko Kawaguchi delayed stay in China on April 23, 2013. It became the big problem in Japan. On May 7, 2013, as for her, an officer was dismissed.There are some which charm Japanese people in China. They are performed in the secret.

                                   May,20,2013   Kyoko Kanazawa

1966年から毛沢東率いる中華人民共和国は、文化大革命による「大躍進政策」を行い、しかし数千万人の餓死者を出すという混乱におちいった。さなかの1972年に尖閣をめぐるアメリカと日本との国交回復があった。1976年、毛沢東の死去に伴い、復権した鄧小平による「富める者から、先に富め」という思想に変わる。 かつての中華思想・「能力を隠しながら謙虚にふるまう」は、今、習近平体制になってから1年、「中華民族の偉大な復興」とスローガンを掲げ、積極的な外交を展開し、断固として国家主権、安全発展の利益を守らなければならないと、「海洋強国」を目指し、潜水艦、空母の建造に力を入れている。そして外交方針を積極的に変化させている。それは本心なのだろう。
                                     2013、12、3  金沢京子

My justice was protected by the newspaper publishing company. I thank you heartily.

Ryutaro Hashimoto Prime Minister and the woman of the Ministry of Defence.
"The Chinese Honeytrap which aims at a Japanese" Kyoko Kanazawa sends it the world media

The government has made the territorial problem ambiguous. I verified the past. I wrote“A Continent Complex ” with firm belief.With Japanese magazine “THEMIS”, my article was announced.
The territorial problem of Takeshima goes to the different direction with SEX SLAVE of a Japanese army. I feel sense of incongruity for both. I would like to change the point which media are making an issue of now.

Please, please be interested in me.I am glad if I make this an article in the media
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