“A Continent Complex”Control of Senkaku territory
 1  The East China Sea is raising the big wave by each desire. Japanese feels the possibility of war by Provocative action of  China Defense Force involving The territorial dispute of the Senkaku Islands. And the mainland China has serious air pollution.Irrespective of the tense state Japan is going to technical assistance support for the problem solving.Furthermore, But not limited to10,000 Japanese companies already advance to China, and 160,000 Japanese live for work.
I who experienced the Prime Minister scandal analyze this strange relation.
 It was in 1981 that I met Mr.RyutaroHashimoto(1937-2006)in Ginza. He was a promising younger politician. He began the talk of the China overseas trip, shortly after taking the taxi. He was filled to boast and excitement of the trip. It is in 1986 to have met him and the second time. He said carrying out supper with me in a boastful manner.The failure as the Minister of Health and Welfare was the homecoming of Japanese orphans in China. They are avaricious into money.

 Japanese orphans in China is caused by Manchukuo (1932–1934) which Imperial Japanese Army planned in 1936. At this time, 850,000 people emigrated to Manchuria by "Five years of industrial exploitation plan" which Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's grandfather, Mr. Nobusuke Kishi considered. They are the citizens who were not able to go back in the end of World War II. Although the postwar reparation problem was mutual abandonment, the diplomatic relations with China had stopped. However, Japanese orphans in China did not receive satisfactory support from the Japanese government. As a result of careless correspondence, Unjust entrance into a country and Mafia systematization  occurs by Their posterity and it has the The problem of aggravation of the peace.

About Senkaku, when Possibility of extensive underground-resources burying was checked by Seabed measurement by the United Nations in 1968, China began to assert the Dominium . Although China was the time of confusion by Cultural Revolution, Japan recovered diplomatic relations for the purpose of problem solving in 1972.Discovered Underground resources of the Senkaku domain in 1968, China began to assert The ownership. Four years afterward, Japan recovered China and diplomatic relations in1972. To conclude a peace treaty in 1978 was decided after a tragic revolution  finished . It is larger than the Japanese who emigrated to Manchuria.At this time, Mr. Deng Xiaoping said about Senkaku, "We will leave it to the wise person of the future. " The idea of the future is performed by Senkaku. Effective control of Japan is denied by China Defense Force . It seems to me that it is following the plan.
However,Japan did on the pretext of thanks to Japanese orphans in China and began ODA support in China. And Japan was maintenance to the China lifeline and promoted the advance of the Japanese company. This action resembles the case of the Manchukuo. The Japanese government did not do reflection 40 years ago. Japan was filled with superior feeling by the cheap labor force of China.

And now Japanese company is at a loss for the strike for wage increases of the workers. There is the destruction by the riot, too, and the Japanese company is like the hostage. Although“ChinaPlus1”has also occurred in response to the disquieting state, it is restricted to some major companies. Because, since a large amount of forfeit is imposed on withdrawal, it does not go simply,embarrassment continues. On the other hand, there are 620,000 Chinese who are staying in Japan. Furthermore, if an illegal stay is included, it will be 1 million people. Depending on the course, a riot may happen in Japan. I analyzed this Japanese postwar defenseless action .
China has 4000 years of history and is abundant in experience of trade as a big country of the Eurasian Continent. History of Japan is in 2000 and, moreover, has grown in response to the influence of China. Also in present-day education, it learned "Japan is a resource-starved small country and resources are full of China" not to mention history. It is the Japanese inferiority complex currently continued for 2000 years. I name it a "continent complex."The Japanese is excited at associating with China. Not only Mr. Hashimoto, when a Japanese politician visits China, they are doing expression filled to special boast. Japanese people talk about experience of a travel of China as big pride. Japanese people hold sense of superiority in cheap "Made in China", and if Chinese people does some shopping in Japan, they will be excited. And the Japanese company is proud of a factory in China. It is reaction of ”the continent complex” that is in the bottom of the heart. Ironically, military commanders in the history planned aggression in China, too, but nobody succeeds.

      ”Any tricks cannot win true.”
 2  And government assert “About Senkaku, it is right to have made it ambiguous.” now. I felt the question for this language. Ambiguity is politics of Japan itself. Mr, Nobusuke Kishi failed in Manchukuo, but became Prime Minister later without being asked the crime. Mr.Hashimoto Ryutaro became a Minister of Finance two years after I met me.And he met with a Chinese woman interpreter and the relation became a report repeatedly. Although it was a problem like “Profumo Affair”, it became ambiguous too. And he was made to lend 1,300 million yen unjustly from Fuji Bank using the business girl of night. He took the responsibility with which it was revealed and resigned the post of a Minister of Finance. However, the money is not returned. Not only they were ambiguous,and also he was elected Prime Minister in 1996.
 People also have not a policy but the tendency to choose a politician with their lineage. As for Abe cabinet of Japan, 12 of 19 persons are actually hereditary Dietman. And Mr. Hashimoto and Mr.Abe are hereditary Dietman. Thus, politics of Japan likes a familyish decision. I do not think that this bid-rigging feeling is accepted in international society.
About one, a Chinese manner“We need your cooperation”When they received much ODA support from Japan, they were quiet. However, China which national-defense Power reproduced insists "About Senkaku, We do not recognize it as a neighboring country."I consider. The same dispute will occur here and there, if the negative act of this effective control is accepted in the United Nations.
About the reason which I exposed, Night of the date, I introduced investors to him. When he becomes a Minister of Finance, three friends of an investor say to me. "You will not know. They whom you introduced have vast profit in a stock. " When I said it to investors through a lawyer, they plotted the trick which makes me an offender. The anger is a motive of confession. However, the civil affair intervention of the police continued. Pressure on gravure article. When he became the Prime Minister, the lie that paid me a large amount of secret expenses was sent to the media. I am interested in the whereabouts of the money.It was found out afterwards that Hashimoto hid a political donation of 100 million yen,He assumed the responsibility and resigned a politician in 2005. Like an ironic fate,His last foreign travel was China. It is the next year of the retirement.He suffered from the illness of signs mysterious after a travel, and died five months afterward.

The manipulation of information of the Japanese government became clear in the nuclear power plant disaster. "The world press freedom index" of 2012 fell to the 53rd place. Mr,Hashimoto was a politician with the popularity. However, Yomiuri and the Sankei newspaper publisher supported me. There is a strong sense of justice in a Japanese newspaper publishing company. I did not lose political pressure. And I am glad that I can write one's opinion with a pen now.

                                      Jun,3, 2013  Kyoko Kanazawa
 3  In 1978, Prime Minister Takeo Fukuda contracted the Japan-China Peace and Friendship Treaty. House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs statement of mr.Takeo Fukuda, October 16,It "is what do not need it at all" to offer confirmation to the Chinese side.
Japan did not do a strong opinion about Senkaku.
Japan has a proverb called
"Buy Cheap and waste your money".The company felt charm for the cheap labor force. People were pleased with cheap Chinese-made goods. As a result, we lost the right of underground resources and did not do the assumption troubled to a high electric bill in future either.
And the Abe Prime Minister is going to control the African Continent now. He does not notice it being a "Kamikaze special attack unit"-like action not to look at the neighborhood well.
Diet member Yoriko Kawaguchi delayed stay in China on April 23, 2013. It became the big problem in Japan. On May 7, 2013, as for her, an officer was dismissed.There are some which charm Japanese people in China. They are performed in the secret.

                                  May,20,2013   Kyoko Kanazawa

1966年から毛沢東率いる中華人民共和国は、文化大革命による「大躍進政策」を行い、しかし数千万人の餓死者を出すという混乱におちいった。さなかの1972年に尖閣をめぐるアメリカと日本との国交回復があった。1976年、毛沢東の死去に伴い、復権した鄧小平による「富める者から、先に富め」という思想に変わる。 かつての中華思想・「能力を隠しながら謙虚にふるまう」は、今、習近平体制になってから1年、「中華民族の偉大な復興」とスローガンを掲げ、積極的な外交を展開し、断固として国家主権、安全発展の利益を守らなければならないと、「海洋強国」を目指し、潜水艦、空母の建造に力を入れている。そして外交方針を積極的に変化させている。それは本心なのだろう。
                                     2013、12、3  金沢京子

      My justice was protected by the newspaper publishing company. I thank you heartily.


Ryutaro Hashimoto Prime Minister and the woman of the Ministry of Defence.
"The Chinese Honeytrap which aims at a Japanese" Kyoko Kanazawa sends it the world media

The government has made the territorial problem ambiguous. I verified the past. I wrote“A Continent Complex ” with firm belief.With Japanese magazine “THEMIS”, my article was announced.
The territorial problem of Takeshima goes to the different direction with SEX SLAVE of a Japanese army. I feel sense of incongruity for both. I would like to change the point which media are making an issue of now.

Please, please be interested in me.I am glad if I make this an article in the media
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