Translation of the confession book about Ryutaro Hashimoto Prime Minister

About this book, they said the lie to the media that I received Secret funds allocated to the Cabinet Secretariat . However, there is no such fact.I thank for contents writing having appeared. And the Japanese media did not make the lie an article. They performed the damage strategy to me repeatedly.  
summary &translation

   “The woman whom Hashiryu loved”
1, Until an encounter and a secret love meeting
2, Secret love in my room
3, Relations of Kenithi Nomura and fortune-teller Kototome Fujita
4, Ryutaro Hashimoto having made me afterwards
5, The cause of confession is the intervention in civil affairs of the police.
6, The reason from which I became a nude photo  p148~
7, About Mr. Ryutaro Hashimoto
8, Problem. “When it dawned, an idea changed”
 Final Notes
 Trap to me was performed 6 times.
 登場人物、        Characters
金沢京子             Kyoko Kanazawa Ginza Lady
橋本龍太郎            Ryutaro Hashimoto Prime Minister  1995-7
小林豊機政治秘書       Toyoki Kobayashi Politician secretary
野村健一(ホテルオーナー   Kenichi Nomura Hotel owner
藤田小女姫(占い師      Kototome Fujita  famous fortune-teller
モクシゲ(警察          Mokushige The policeman who was bribed
O (総会屋            O professional trouble‐maker at shareholders meetings
西宮(ホテル専務        Nishimiya Hotel managing director
成田(弁護士           Narita Lawyer
岩崎(弁護士           Iwasaki Lawyer
野本(不動産屋          Nomoto Real estate agency President
猪俣(不動産           Inomata Real estate agency President
羽鳥(不動産           Hatori Real estate agency
赤坂芸者             Mathumi AkasakaGeisha
森川(バー経営         Morikawa Akasaka Bar manager
吉野(銀行マン         Yosino Banker
銀座ママ(愛人         M madam of the Ginza club
マスコミ記者たち        Reporter ,writer, journalist
警察官僚             Police career bureaucrat
尾花                Obana  Lover,1,300 million yen fraudulent loans
Many rich people and the expert of the law appear in this documentary.Although I wrote the real name, nobody filed the lawsuit about this book.


Kyoko Kanazawa
 1, Until an encounter and a secret love meeting 1981
I wanted to become a writer. I am country breeding although the grandfather was a captain of the Sea of Japan army. It is difficult for me to become very rich from impecuniousness, but I can become famous as a writer. It is my goal. I thought about the method. When I was 10 years old, I saw Mr.Ryutaro Hashimoto have appeared in the TVnews program. It has sensed that I need him. I wanted to get possibility at the age of 21 years old and became Ginza hostess. 5,000 nightclubs are in Ginza.However, a miracle happened to me.Beginning to work in the Ginza, I got the opportunity to become two persons with Mr.Ryutaro Hashimoto seven months afterward. As for it, not the inside of the club in the Ginza but I met him in the taxi stand. He at that time is 44 years old. And he was the politician who experienced the Minister of Health and Welfare. He was a visitor of my night club which I worked. It was introduced by a Ginza Mmadam, and I and Hashimoto took the same taxi. The person I wanted to meet was sitting down next to me. It is surprise and joy. It was the drive at 10 minutes. He talked about a trip to China to me.He was M madam's visitor. I was M madam's favorite. Although it was a fortunate occurrence, I have left the club soon.I from it did not readily have the chance to meet him.However, although I met him by chance at a bookstore, a restaurant, etc. in many cases, I was not able to speak abruptly to him.Because, he lived in the neighborhood.
1985,I will work again in a Ginza club same as M madam. It was a big chance for me. Unfortunately, I was not able to sit at the same seat though he came to the club.This is because he was with a wife.In disappointment, But I left Ginza. And I thought about a method to meet him.
1994, At this time, the woman who sent one's photograph to Yamashita of the judo succeeded in marriage with him..I was sure that this method is good. The good opportunity is chocolate of Valentine's Day .It was chocolate, a letter, a photograph. He was not in the office of the politics on that day, but I succeeded in getting communication from him later.He said to me. "Let's meet, if I go back from Nepal. "
Mar,24,1986.We met secretly at last. Ryutaro Hashimoto and I ate in the evening in TRADER VIC'S. However, he told China and the politics to me. Was it an appeal to be an excellent politician? Then we walked night Akasaka.49-year-old he says to 25-year-old me, "Take me to somewhere." I considered a few. Though it was unexpected words, I decided that I went to the bar Morikawa of the friend of mr,Nomura. I explain this reason with 3.
When we went to bar Morikawa, there was Nomoto of the friend of Nomura. They were surprised at us.Ryutaro Hashimoto was a famous politician. After a while, the Akasaka geisha girl of the acquaintance of Hashimoto also came to Bar by chance. Furthermore, mr,Ken-ichi Nomura also came to the bar. The irony of fate.I was very much surprised. Because He and I were sweetheart relations, he is jealous of us who are smiling.However, Mr,Hashimoto and mr.Nomura have come out of the same Keio University, and two persons were looks alike. I thought that they will surely make a good relation from now on.
Then we were over a bar.He said "I send you in your house by taxi."


1995 YOMIURI news colum
 2, Secret love in my room 3,24,1986
A taxi stops at my house. Mr,Ryutaro Hashimoto was told to me. "Give me tea in your room."I wanted to have liked him and to meet him.However, the purpose of mine was already attained by the bar of Akasaka.I wanted for me to have shown mr,Hashimoto to mr.Nomura and to do the thing which it boasts of. He does not know my purpose. He has got out of a taxi together with me.
Because it was unexpected development that he came to my room, my room was disorderly.I was upset.He has embraced me, saying, "Your breast is sexy." Next, when my clothes were removed, caress was begun on my body.It was a hasty act. Though I did not take a shower, he buried face in my thigh, and he began cunnilingus then. He inserted his finger in my anus at the same time. Next, he licked the dirty finger and he said, "delicious".Because he was my longed-for men, I was surprised at the his wild action.His excited penis inserted it in my vagina, He did sexual satisfaction twice by my sexy body. Finally he said. "I bring a camera next, I want photograph about your pussy"
I remembered the story of the M madam. "OK. I will introduce you to Hashimoto. However, is he a good man? ” She knew him deeply. And my purpose was not to become his lover.
On the next morning, there was a phone call from him. "Thank you, it was fun"
My heart was confused. I did not know what to do.I was in a condition to be able to choose neither man.
 3, Relations of Kenithi Nomura and fortune-teller Kototome Fujita 1983
As for me, a trap was set. It is a beginning of hatred.
I came across mr.Ryutaro Hashimoto at the age of 21 years old. It was a taxi stand of Ginza.I was under an illusion. Probably I am successful as a beauty writer and could shine with society as a celeb. For that purpose, he was required.
Although I desired to be able to meet him again, I was not able to meet him. Afterward one month, I met mr.Kenichi Nomura. He was a young investor. He was just investing to building Shinjuku Washington Hotel as an owner of a franchise system.We made love, and I have left the Ginza club. However, SEX of Nomura was tough and I was not able to get used to his SEX.
He prepared the room in order to make me a lover, but I did not live there.I liked his interesting talk. I was a lover who has distance for a while with him.
Regrettably he became crazy about famous woman fortune-teller ms.Kototome Fujita next. She was older than him, but attracted him by political acquaintances, advice of the stock investment SEX. She performed strategy in order to pull me apart from him. She invited me to her home party. Since I was careful, I went there together with the my friend. There was mr.Nomura there, too. There, many celebrities were coming. It was sudden. She approached and said to me. "You should return." Mr.Hatori was also continuously told to my friend. "I will take you home".Fujita's employee said to me.“I will take you home.” I thought that the purpose by which I came here could not be achieved. Because I approached mr.Nomura with a story of loan about English-conversation school, I wanted to talk about finance with him.
On the next day, Mr,Nomura was told to me by telephone.He confessed it to me. I was sex with Kyoko" It was Fujita's trap. She separated me and a friend, and the trick was carried out.It is not a fact.Unfortunately. I was inhibited by her. Fortune-telling is violence,
At this time, I thought anew that mr.Ryutaro Hashimoto was required for me. Displaying my connections to him, The reason is because she was proud of the relations with the A Prime Minister to Nomura. Even I know an able politician.I thought that I would like to reestablish my honor. The SHINJUKU WASHINTON HOTEL was opened two months afterward. I was not invited to the opening party.I was eliminated by her trap.-12,1983-
I worked again in the nightclub in the Ginza .I could not win a fortune-teller's brainwash. However, I went to SHINJUKU WASHINGTON HOTEL occasionally and was meeting Nomura. It is something like reconnaissance. This is because he had a rule to pay 20 million yen at the consolation money with a lover. It is like the pension for me. We were uncertain relations.


Kenichi Nomura's
Shinjuku Washinton Hotel
 4, Ryutaro Hashimoto having made me afterwards 1986-87- 89-90
March,1986,I was very troubled. I have already obtained information called "Hashimoto is stingy." from M,madam. Mr.Nomura is a rich. However, a fortune-teller controls him. My honorary recovery succeeded last night. Unfortunately I am not yet a writer.
Therefore I sent a letter to him. "The gentleman of last night is a younger student of your university and is very rich" I refused lover relations and have begun to work in Woman political organization There is parting when I become a lover. It is troubled.I wanted to have the Friend relations as the cultured person with him. I wanted the reward that introduced Mr.Nomura to him to introduce a publishing company to me.
July,1986,He became the Secretary of State for Transport. I sent a fan letter as a method to continue fair relations with him. There was not the reply for the letter. In the next year, I tested him.I sent the letter who I wrote as."Since the present work is modest, I want you to introduce showy work." From his secretary, there was a telephone in my workplace.
Feb,26,1987,I met mr.Kobayashi of the political secretary. He said. "I was asked from the Secretary of State for Transport. I read your letter". He introduced a part-time job of JAL to me. I went for an Employment examination. However, it was Rejection. "I heard that your manner was bad" when I asked a secretary about it. It is trap. It was the strategy which separates me from Woman political organization. However, I continued doing quiet work.One year passes. Simultaneous, I sent a letter to mr.Nomura. Then he telephoned my workplace to confirm it. I felt that they were connected. The my problem of this time,the good story of my novel does not appear. It is difficult to become a writer. But,my money was lost though it was regrettable.
1988, I became 27 years old, After an interval of 17 months, I came back to Ginza. The world economy was brisk. These two years later, the confession of the scandal happened.


Bar Morikawa 1986
 5, The cause of confession is the intervention in civil affairs of the police. 1988-1990
In August,1988,Hashimoto was the Minister of Finance. The duty continued until 1991. The Japanese economy had vigor by stock investment.
The summer of 1989. I have got the telephone call from mr.Nomoto. Nomoto is a real estate agent of the friends of mr,Nomura., At the night of the secret meeting in Akasaka,he talked to Hashimoto and me in the first. He said,"You do not know. From that day, they are close"
Three years passed from that day. "You are stupid,too" I did not meet mr.Nomoto from a day of that Akasaka. It was whistle-blowing. He must have known my action. I was pleased with the development that I imagined.
I sent the letter to mr.Hashimoto again. "I heard the talk from mr.Nomoto.I think that it was good. As the reward, please introduce an editor to me.My dream is to become a novelist."
Next,mr.Hatori who was in the party of Fortune-teller ms.Kototome Fujita on that day called me of Ginza. He is a real estate agent of the friends of Nomura, too. He said,"If the work of your shop is over, come here."There is a small bar of Ginza.When I went to the shop, there was mr.Nomura with him. Mr.Nomura drank much whiskey.,and said. "Kyoko goes out with Hashimoto. Do you make love with me tonight?"
It must have been the apology that Hatori try to me. He took part in the trap of the fortune-tellerHowever, Nomura has profit now concerning Hashimoto which I introduced. He wants to revive our relations.Simultaneous, the figure of a mean fortune-teller floated again, and I thought that it was impossible. I went out of there in silence. However, I was glad of their action.It was sense of justice.
At last,Mr.Inomata came to my club accidentally. He is a real estate agent and is the boss of mr.Hatori.And it is the relations that are friendly with mr.Nomura. He watched me in very wonder. And he said."Were you given money of around 50 million yen by Nomura?" I thought that I was not working here if it is a fact.
I understood all. If it was the thing of the reward of 50 million yen, they earned around 5 billion yen by a stock . Mr.Nomura had money to invest, and Mer.Hashimoto of the Minister of Finance had information. I missed the chance that make friends with him again. Then The problem was in the bottom of the feeling, and three months passed.
I worked at the club which the businessman with political influence mr.Rekiji Kobari manages. The visitor of a club, the Yamaguchi-Gumi management and an investor were coming. The store had a peculiar showy atmosphere. Professional trouble‐maker at shareholders meetings mr,O was introduced to me from gayhost in the ginza club. Mr,O was the impression that he was wise, and was stylish. And he knew a lot about legitimate negotiations. I made friends with him. I told my ambiguous condition to him for the first time. He said, "leave it to me"
12,26,1989,He went to Sumitomo Trust & Banking which financed Nomura. Mr.O decided that mr.Nomura discusses reconciliation with me on January 10. He introduced Lawyer Iwasaki to me and said "You should go to talk in two people".Furthermore, he told me to never talk about the money.
1,3,1990,Suddenly, the telephone call has been got from mr.Nomura. We met in owners room of the Shinjuku Washinton hotel on that day. He said meaningly. "You will not get money."
1,10,1990,It was an open cafe of 1F of the Marunouchi hotel that we were appointed place.Lawyer mr.Iwasaki and me, mr.Nomura, mr.Yoshino of Sumitomo Trust & Banking. The conversation was only 30 minutes. Mr.Nomura said that "I paid 20 million yen for you. " Then he began to order about the stock in the brokerage firm when he let lawyer and mr.Yoshino retire their seat during ten minutes. It was not time to talk with me. It was cheerful and was not action by fear.
Next day,there was a phone call to me from mr.Mokushige of the Marunouchi police."I want to hear your story. Please come to the Marunouchi Police on 17th"It was the voice that threatened me. It was a trap. Since it had told that I went with a lawyer, he made only two persons' time. It was the time for making the story that I threatened him. Four years after, I will know that a photograph was taken secretly by a paparazzo.
I went to meet to Police career bureaucrat immediately. He said."There are both the money and the power"and so."This thing is a secret." He protected me from trap. Since my action was not a crime, intimidation was surely the purpose to me.
When I visited mr.Mokushige, he laughed smilingly".I will solve your trouble from now on."He said continuously. "I am a friend of Nomura.I met him in a night bar last week"By a reason, Talks were Marunouchi of his jurisdiction. He say that Nomura took out a report of damage threatened the next day by me. Fudge up the evidence .
To the next,I telephoned secretary mr.Kobayashi of Hashimoto. He came to meet me immediately. I said that it was a sly method. He said ,"you are a criminal" This was problem of mr.Nomura and me. However, I was convinced of their conspiracy in this time. I said in a low voice."I confess it to the media". It was my practical joke. He said in a loud voice"I will smash you"and,"Nobody will trust your story"I said calmly."I intend to confess"
Coverage of a Minister's of Finance scandal was prudent. My confession report came out in February. It's,"FLASH","THEMIS"
The intervention in civil affairs of the mr.Mokushige had started simultaneously. He telephoned me frequently and decided the day of the talks with the agent of mr.Nomura.
 The reason why I knew the truth is that there were three informers.
But the talks were trap.

Marunouchi police

Telephone recording of the intervention in civil affairs of the police



mr.Nomoto Bar Morikawa
in Akasaka 1895

1986 my room
 6, The reason from which I became a nude photo 1990
PLAYBOY was given up because of political pressure.
It becomes clear after that. At this time,mr.Hashimoto of the Minister of Finance was making the Fuji Bank do 1,300 million yen fraudulent loans for ms,Obana. It becomes clear that the money was made into the political fund, and he resigns the post of a Minister of Finance.-10,1991
2,1990,My confession became a report with two magazines. But did not become the big topic. Then a reporter of "THEMIS" said to me."Don't you challenge nude photogravure in PLAYBOY?" The proposal continued for one month. The plan was determined in April. However, my telephone was tapped in on.The arrangement was performed in the open cafe of Imperial Hotel. The editor of PLAYBOY, the journalist of THEMIS, a cameraman, a stylist. Though it was regrettable, The plain-clothes secret police was in our surrounding seat.They heard the earphone and were silent. Edit was told to me, "There may be political pressure in this plan, so please act secretly." I looked at and considered the surrounding secret police. Probably, not a cafe but the room of the hotel was best if secret was need.And photography was performed immediately. I experienced nude photography at 29 years old for the first time. The plan of the article was page 5 at the same time in Japan and USA. It is a splendid achievement as the Orientals. It in May,before on the market, it was crushed by political pressure at the printing factory. It means ,It was necessary to make a new table of contents and five pages of Photogravure articles in one day. I think that it was serious work and the loss was also large. This is because it was necessary to do the same work in the American P editorial department.
The despicable method, to have Tie-up with PLAYBOY. The parent company of is The main bank of is SUMUTOMO Bank.Hashimoto of the Minister of Finance gave pressure from the SUMITOMO Bank.Since it was secret, said from the SUMITOMO Bank telephoned SHUEISHA, and it investigated the release date.
In, this became the problem, and many personnel changes were carried out. I became a dangerous person from a publishing company. Because it was a dream to become a writer, it was heavy damage. The chance for me to become famous globally was also lost simultaneously. My despair was very big.
I telephoned "FLASH" from a public telephone,"Please write my nude article." At last my nude photo article was given. By this, although I was not dangerous, possibly degree of favorable impression fell.
Nov,1994,I looked at the report that I was a criminal of an incident, by the photograph magazine "FOCUS".The report was because mr.O caused the extortion case. However, I was not related at all. "FOCUS" wrote the report quickly, without also interviewing me. Furthermore, I noticed it The photograph of mine was a thing on January 10, 1990. When I read the article, I understood that "FOCUS" photographed me in Marunouchi hotel. "FOCUS"was their yes-man. Probably mr.Mokushige and "FOCUS" must have been bribed.
And the article was incoherent. It was recognized that it was them to have sold my name to the media first. It was only "FOCUS" to have written a false rumor. Though I was disgusted with them, as for me, I thought that this became the good subject of the novel. It was the chance when I wrote a novel.
One year later,My novel was introduced by newspaper "YOMIURI". I was the proud top. The fate is ironical. On the same day, mr.Hashimoto became President of the LDP, too. From the next day, I will receive many interviews about politics scandal. It was hell. The people who does not know the circumstances dislikes me.
However, my book was released. It was big joy. "Weekly GENDAI" made suggestion of the nude gravure me then."I write the introduction article of the your book. And, please write an article in GENDAI" It was only flattery. I was 35 years old. Although I am shameful,I wanted to sell my novel. However, although photogravure was 4 Paige, the report about a book was the size of the matchstick. I despaired and shed tears. The payment to my nude photograph was 300,000 yen. As for this magazine, 1000000 was sold out. For a scandal photograph, my guarantee was cheap. I believed a story to publish the next book. As a result, it was a lie.
Nov,1996,Hashimoto was popular. I was disadvantageous. Even if I spoke about the fact, nobody trusted me. I thought that I would publish the book which wrote truth. It is this.Though it was regrettable, the nude was required also of this book, but I wrote.

"FLASH"1990 4p

"GENDAI"10,1995 4p

10,1996,A photograph was taken for the confession book.
 7, About Mr. Ryutaro Hashimoto
My knowing about Ryutaro Hashimoto. His popularity from a woman was high. Nomura supporting his political activity afterwards. I was threatened by his secretary. He used an account of ms.Obana for detour financing. Ms.Obana was Ginza hostess same as me, but ran the tempura restaurant then in Akasaka. And it is a habit of his SEX. He was abnormal. For the article of the weekly magazine, my photograph was always published together with his photograph.
However, it may be an actually good person because he is popular.I always said, when interviewed." I was glad to have met him." It is my true feeling. I did not quarrel with him.I met mr.Nomura. However, they made mysterious excessive action about me. The reason is because the Minister of Finance wanted to hide that there was profit in insider trading.
Sadly, I was misunderstood in large numbers. "Self-advertisement","nude photograph for money","It is threatening".The Hashimoto office announced me with "madman"and"criminal".
Reality is that PLAYBOY was crushed by political pressure. My social damage was serious.I did not escape from reality. I only said the true thing. I believe that the day which this misunderstanding solves comes. When I went to a beauty parlor,I looked at the nude report of "GENDAI" torn by hand. It was a complicated feeling.

Ryutaro Hashimoto
  8, Problem. “When it dawned, an idea changed” 1991
They planned a trap again in partnership with the police.However, I noticed it.
1,17,1990,Mr.Mokushige of the Marunouchi police began to arbitrate mr.Nomura and me. He decided at the time of our talks, having telephoned me."Please tell your trouble to his lawyer"and"If this is revealed to the police, I will lose my job. " Because I did not trust him at all, all the calls recorded in many tapes. He said "you will get money" many times to let me be careless.
The partner of talks of the beginning was lawyer mr.Narita. He said to me suddenly. "You are a criminal" It was the same language as mr.Kobayashi of the secretary of Hashimoto. From now on, for one year, Mokushige entered in between and talks continued. I never said the word "money".In fact, I did nude photography in "PLAYBOY" and "FLASH" while doing these talks. In this summer,mr.Nishimiya came out in substitution for mr.Narita. Nishimiya was an aide to Nomura.During one year, I told them,"Please fulfill the contract which Nomura made me in the Marunouchi hotel. "Each time, it became an ambiguous talk.
Feb,1991,The talks were performed one year afterward in the open cafe in Tokyo Prince Hotel. Mr.Nishimiya was told to me. "It is said that Nomura pays you 20 million yen as pocket money."He said continuously. "Let's pay money to you tomorrow here"
The next day.he said to me,"Nomura says to me that, When it dawned, my idea changed. Therefore, there is no money."However, his voice shook.
20 million yen, and open cafe. It is a trap same as Marunouchi hotel. There must also have been a cameraman of "FOCUS" there. They must have expected that I will begin to get angry. I said calmly."so." Then I looked at around a cafe slowly. The police must watch me now. Their purpose was to get rid of my social trust. Ryutaro Hashimoto which aimed at the Prime Minister would desire it most. Strangely, the telephone from Mokushige has finished on that day. It was a very childish strategy. The hatred for them of me increased from this day.
Why 20 million yen? Nomura sometimes demanded a physical Service from me. He said to me. "If you follow my command, I will fulfill your wish. " It was a lie.
Therefore, I never have trouble with Ryutaro Hashimoto. The contact with him is only One night. By the way, in Japan, they are called "MARA brothers."

Sneaking a shot
11,16,1994,It appears,with False report
Proof of the trap.
  Final Notes
"Is it only once?"I was asked many times by a reporter with contempt."The woman who confessed for the purpose of money."
In much misunderstanding, I wrote this. It was in the middle of the national election to have written this.He is Japan's Prime Minister now. I said to an editor."Please release this after election was over" I would like to only keep a record.
                  11,1996  Kyoko Kanazawa

                   "One Night Lady" lyrics

"One Night Lady "

Copyright is in kyoko kanazawa

Edward Snowden confessed about communication intercept by the U.S. Government. Though it was regrettable, the Japanese government also did the same thing to me. My telephone was wiretapping by the police. And my action was watched.
5,1990.My photograph was due to be introduced to PLAYBOY USA and PLAYBOY Japan for the first time as an Oriental. The reason is because I confessed a scandal with the Minister of Finance to the media. He is Mr,Ryutaro Hasimoto. It was PLAYBOY who I photographed the nude for the first time. But the photograph which is due to come out to the United States was crushed by political pressure of Japan. It was a big chance of the my life. And it is big regret.
23 years have passed since that. I am still in media. I thank the friends who had a sense of justice now.
Kyoko Kanazawa  12,1,2013