Translation of the confession book about Ryutaro Hashimoto Prime Minister

 For me, they were feelings like the Investigation about celebrity. Therefore, I am analyzing calmly.
 My purpose should become a famous writer.

11,4,2011,I got an email from a political journalist."I know that you Cabinet secret expenses in exchange for a book"I was very surprised. Besides, he gives the name of many witnesses. Other reporters say, too; "I heard it at an official residence"Hashimoto wanted to make me a criminal. Can you believe it? They who crushed "PLAYBOY" in the world without using money say that they paid me money. It is very humorous. This book was published satisfactorily. It was Damage strategy.

2.1991,Why did I say "so". It was a Childish trap.
About mr.O. He was aiming at my settlement money. It was three that he cooperated in me. The opportunity of Nomura and talks was made. The lawyer was introduced to me. My confession article having been announced through a political journalist. Only 3.
Since talks took 1 year, mr.O was my parasite. I was tired mentally. I wanted freedom than settlement money. He was hard up for money. He said to me. "I pay the money which I borrowed by all means" My money that he spent was 10 million yen. Finally I said to him. "There was the police again." He gave it up at last. Since my money was also lost, he went away. But I regained freedom and peace.

I was working in the Ginza until I released the book in 1995. When my dream to become a writer came true, I retired myself from Ginza. Then, only by the work of the pen, I brought up my daughter.
It may be unexpected,I do not experience the bullying in Ginza. Mr.Ryutaro Hashimoto was not my visitor. The personal disturbance does not become the problem in Ginza.

"YOMIURI newspaper" in 1995 also knew that I appeared in the scandal nude report in the past. He is a journalist's sense of justice and wrote the introduction report of my novel which was the Ginza hostess.
11.1996,That I wrote the confession book was the purpose of canceling misunderstanding. The effect was only in the newspaper publishing company. They understood truth. Any tricks cannot win true.

3,25,1997,The reaction of the publishing company to me was cold. I was a past person. I want to write a book. Therefore I planned talk show by oneself. I became the article in "evening-paper Fuji". The next day , I got the telephone from the editor of "evening-paper FUJI". I will do column serialization there. Though I was very glad, I promised in it.
They said."You must use the nom de plume. Please never confess a real name."

When mr.Hashimoto was strong in political ability, I wrote it secretly. He must have known that I belonged to the newspaper publisher. The lie about me disappeared afterwards. I was protected by the newspaper publisher. Thanks.!

News Peaper Sankei Sport
2013 my job,Interview report

3,25,1997evening-paper FUJI.

Ginza Club

my job ,colum
2,23,1994,Fortune-teller Kototome Fujita was killed in Hawaii.
YouTubu Scientific criminal investigation file USA
The police of the acquaintance called me"You killed? " "No,I do not go out of Japan". It was known widely that I hated her. I considered. "God knows. " Recently, I read the book written about her. She was a leader of the prostitution organization. SEX and fortune-telling.

11,1994,Mr,O caused a 100 million yen extortion case. Naturally I did not have the relations with him. 100 million yen? Still he does not pay money to me at all. Next,I was surprised when I looked at the "FOCUS"report that it is the complicity of mr.O. Made-up story. In 2001, The "FOCUS" journal discontinued.
Persistence of mr,Ryutaro Hashimoto. He becomes the Prime Minister in this next year.

Mr,Nomura does nonfulfillment of a contract for me. There is no fact that I negotiated with mr.Ryutaro Hashimoto. However, he ran in a trap to me.

my job, books ,comics
I introduce an article about Ryutaro Hashimoto.WikipediA

12,1978-11,1979Ministerof Health and Welfare
1975-Makoto &Obanaginzamama ~loved
1980  Akasaka geisha girls is met him ~ loved
7.1986-11.1987  Minister of Transport
1986 ,27 years old of Akasaka geisha girls   British studying abroad
←1986 His secretary Mr.Kobayashi moved.The part-time job recommendation problem of Japan Airlines.It was a lie.
8,1989-10.1991  Minister of Finance.
I met his secretary Mr.Kobayashi and said the claim.
However, it roars out .1988 To Chinese lady interpreter  and Nepal?
  -She was  Divorce,M,madam was noticed about me.
5,1990  Fraudulent loans start in Ms.Obana.
Mr.Kobayashi was the loan problem of the Fuji Bank is started.
5,1991 Chinese interpreter gets married again.
7.25,1991,The Fuji Bank fraudulent-loans disclosure
8,1991 Mr.Kobayashi Resignation.
10,1991  Minister of Finance  resigns.
1993  Akasaka geisha girls Mathumi returns to private life.  house is built in Meguro. 
1994 Tameikeclub, Mr.Kobayashi  returns.The organization which collects political funds
9.1995 Liberal Democratic Party President.
←Many media are surprised. a scandal agein.YOMIURI.
1.1996-7,1998 Prime Minister
2005,8 -Having hidden a 100 million yen political fund is revealed. It was political donation from the dental association. Political world retirement.
2,2006 His last trip was China
7.1.2006 – Death ,68 years old .


Akasaka geishiya Mathumi
Unfortunately the publishing company was unkind to me. I went to the scenario school while writing a newspaper column. The possibility of the writer is not only a novel. As a result, I met with the scenario of comics. And it became the comics book. If can write a scenario; as for the scenario of the movie, too!? It is my target.
2005,mr.Ryutaro Hashimoto pocketed a political fund and lost his position. From this, I was freed from a nom de plume. My series started with comics and "newspeaper Sankei Sports". The newspaper series still continues.

I appeared only for the scandal article. I want many people to watch my figure and my job. I began production of YouTubu in 2012.
"One Night Lady" My documentary
"SexyReading"①、② My book was read.

The reason written in English .
It is because Japanese people have "Continent complex ". When a continent shakes, Japan also shakes. And probably Kamikaze's blood is flowing into me too. My grandfather was a captain of Japan navy. He had an international view. I paid attention to modern history and wrote an international political article. It is my impression.
Kamikaze,Wikipedia "The strong wind blown by the power of God ","special attack"It rushes by belief without investigating the situation of Other side carefully. It is historic insular spirit.

2012 Shin Yamagishi

2013 Yosuke Ito
I did nude photography in 2012. Mr.Shin Yamagishi of the Japanese celebrity photographer photographed of 52-year-old me. It was 16 years since confession book. I think about human possibility. With a beautiful photograph, I regained Pride. Mr.Yosuke Ito photographer photographs me this year.
I want to realize a miracle beyond the space-time in "PLAYBOY".
By this realization,I want to give dream and hope to people suffering by various pressure.
I feel that it is my mission. The person does not move only for Money. The sense of justice moves heart of people.
Probably, M.Monroe of heaven will be pleased with it,too.:)

               Kyoko Kanazawa

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